Wednesday, March 08, 2017

SHOW ALERT: Disciple at The Underground in Cincy Saturday, 3/11

Interview and article by guest writer, Jesse Jackson

If you haven’t heard of veteran Christian rock band, Disciple, and you love straight-forward rock and roll, you have to get your hands on their latest release, Long Live the Rebels, out now via Tooth & Nail / BEC Recordings.  It is Disciple’s 13th studio album and they just keep getting better. They recruited producer Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, Demon Hunter, Thousand Foot Krutch, Dead Poetic) to coach these songs to a level of high quality. Additionally, Disciple has succeeded in the industry for so long due to their quality fans.   As a testament to their loyal fan base, the band raised over $127 thousand dollars during a successful Kickstarter campaign last year in order to create the album and again this year, raised over $30 thousand dollars - within 24 hours - to fix their tour bus.  Disciple is not supported financially by any label and has proven you don’t have to be for success in the music industry.
Not only are their fans quality but their music and especially their lyrics are as well. To quote their song “Secret Weapon”: “I live the luxury of dead man's organs/I enlist the energy of greater forces/No one can see the stitches beneath/The height of heaven is within my vision/This is much more than superstition/God take this soul I forfeit it all/I've got a secret weapon”.  Frontman Kevin Young and the band are never afraid to let the world know where their strength comes from.  What they proclaim throughout their songs, they live out and shout out in their energetic live shows. If you ever get to the opportunity to see Disciple in concert you’ll be sure to hear Kevin say “Love is the only thing that is going to change the world because, God is love.”
In a recent interview with Kevin Young, I had the opportunity to ask the band how someone could pray for them and he asked that fans pray for  “The effectiveness of our ministry, that we would be constantly willing vessels, and that even when we are going through stuff that we would be functional as minsters (of the gospel)”.
Disciple is currently headlining the City RockFest Tour along with Project 86, Seventh Day Slumber, Random Hero and Scarlet White.  They will make a stop at The Underground this Saturday night, March 11th. 
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Watch the lyric video for “Long Live The Rebels” here:


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