Thursday, March 16, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat

Obituary – “Turned To Stone” (The Florida death metal pioneers return today with their self-titled tenth album by way of Relapse Records.  After 30 years as a band, they remain true to their highly-influential slow and punishing groove-heavy brand of death metal.  The excellent, statement-making new album is self-titled for good reason, because they haven’t sounded this good in years; staking their claim as the true remaining leaders of the genre.)    

The Shins – “Dead Alive” (After a five year wait, James Mercer returns with his fifth Shins album titled, Heartworms, out now on Aural Apothocary/Columbia Records.  The new album finds Mercer experimenting more with reflective, personal lyrics and loads of strange, New Wave-informed synths alongside his intricately-layered arrangements of infectiously catchy, 60’s psych-inspired and folk-leaning pop-rock.)       

Grandaddy – “Evermore” (Since disbanding over 10 years ago, Grandaddy recently returned with a new album, Last Place, via 30th Century Records/Columbia.  Essentially a solo album, it was written, performed and produced by Jason Lytle and the warped analog synths, fuzzy blown-out guitars and melancholic technology-themed lyrics that have become synonymous with the band remain intact.  Look for the reunited band to tour throughout the spring.)    


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