Friday, February 10, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat (Title Track Edition)

Search – “Between The Lines” (Search is a new five-piece band featuring members of influential New Jersey Straight Edge hardcore bands Turning Point, Floorpunch and Mouthpiece.  Their nostalgia-inducing debut 7”, Between The Lines EP is out today via Revelation Records and is bursting with fast and furious old school hardcore complete with shout-along gang choruses and a positive message.  Check out the title track here, it is hardcore the way it was and the way it should be!)    

Jesca Hoop – “Memories Are Now” (Love Letter For Fire - her collaborative album with Sam Beam of Iron & Wine - was released last year to great praise on Sub Pop and today, Jesca Hoop is set to release her fifth solo album, Memories Are Now.  Hoop’s spell-binding voice and quirky pop sense combined with her experimental brand of folk-rock and deeply affecxting and personal affecting and empowering lyrical themes make for her most captivating album yet.  Check out the anthemic and empowering title track with its simple arrangement of thumping bass line and bittersweet background vocals.)

Surfer Blood – “Snowdonia” (The Florida-based indie rock band led by guitarist/vocalist John Paul Pitts recently released their fourth album, Snowdonia, via Joyful Noise Recordings.  The new album – the first since the tragic loss of guitarist Thomas Fekete - deals with dark themes of death and loss but with the brightest and catchiest of melodies and with the addition of bassist Lindsey Mills’ vocals, the band’s Pixies-like dynamics are boosted even more.  Check out the epic album centerpiece and title track here.)  


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