Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Songs: On Repeat

JOESPH – “Glowing Flower (Excerpt)” (After releasing his impressive debut album last year, Joey Cook - formerly of Cincy psych-pop band Pomegranates – recently released a new EP, titled Glowing Flower, with his solo project JOESPH.  The 5-song digital EP was released in anticipation of his upcoming sophomore album, Temples, due later this year.  Alongside drummer Devyn Glista and fellow ex-Pom Pierce Geary, the trio creates a swirling, headphones-worthy head trip of quirky pop and psychedelic folk that recalls both The Beatles and Pink Floyd at their most experimental.)  

Bonzo Madrid – “All You Got” (Bonzo Madrid is the new solo project of CJ Calhoun, formerly of Kansas-based indie rock band Cowboy Indian Bear.  His debut album, Worry was released late last year as a joint release with High dive Records and Whatever Forever Tapes on which the B-side contains a bonus EP.  Moving in new directions, Calhoun blends lush layers of pillowy synths and subdued electronics that ebb and flow around his soulful and emotive vocals for a very promising debut.)   

 The xx – “Say Something Loving” (The London synth-pop trio are set to release their highly-anticipated third album, I See You, today via Young Turks.  The new album was recorded all over the world – NY, TX, Iceland and London - and in turn, it is their most expansive and collaborative album yet and also their most accessible, as can be heard in the warm sentiment and stair-stepping synths of the standout single here.)      


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