Friday, October 21, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Obituary – “Loathe” (The Florida death metal pioneers will release a new album next spring but in the meantime have issued a new release, Ten Thousand Ways To Die.  Out today on Relapse Records, it features two new songs; the six-minute groove-leaden standout, “Loathe” and the blistering title track along with a set of twelve live recordings of their fan favorites and classics including, “Chopped In Half”, “Don’t Care”, “Slowly We Rot” and more.  A must have for old fans and a great introduction for new fans.)

No Nets – “Dark Matter” (The Brooklyn-based indie-rock band led by Sal Mastrocola is set to release their stellar sophomore album, Bright Light today.  Growing beyond a bedroom project, the new album boasts lyrical themes of marriage, growing up and getting old that are contrasted by bright, anthemic melodies and bristling with cagey energy; recalling both the emo/punk and guitar-led indie rock of the late 90’s.)

Jimmy Eat World – “Sure And Certain” (With all of the recent reunions rising out of the emo-era’s ashes, one of the biggest bands of that time has always been churning out great music and they are set to release their ninth album, Integrity Blues today via RCA Records.  Produced by M83 and Paramore producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen, the album is filled with their trademark anthemic hooks and emotionally-charged lyrics but the Arizona band doesn’t try to relive the past, instead they have experimented with different guitar sounds and synths a little more for yet another excellent album to add to their legend.)


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