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TRACK BY TRACK: The Conquerors – Wyld Time

After building up steam with their three previous singles, the Kansas City based psych-pop band, The Conquerors are set to take over with the release of their highly-anticipated debut album, Wyld Time, out today on High Dive Records.  Led by vocalist/guitarist Rory Cameron, the retro-minded band blends super-catchy 60’s psych-pop and blazing garage-rock for a dynamic sound that evokes the spirit of a paisley-printed leather jacket.  Standout tracks on the album include, the early Strokes-like title track, “Wild Tyme” and the Stones-like single, “Turned Me To Stone”, a howling ripper drenched in vintage organ. 
In celebration of the album’s release, songwriter Rory Cameron has provided Atlas and the Anchor an exclusive Track By Track commentary of Wyld Time that gives insight into the personal lyrics as well as the writing and recording process, and inspiration behind each track on the album. 
Stream Wyld Time and read along with Rory’s commentary below. 
Track-By-Track Commentary:
 “Yes I Know” – “Is basically the Fred Neil classic, ‘Everybody's Talkin' chord progression ramped up in tempo. This song is about my divorce and a sort of personal criticism of my ex's philosophies.” – Rory Cameron

“Wyld Time” - “Was an attempt to write a bouncy song in the vein of ‘Lust For Life’ by Iggy Pop or ‘C'mon Marrianne’ by the Four Seasons. It deals with the idea of positivism missing the point. Contrast in life is what creates the memorable moments. Basically, how can you be happy if you're never sad?” – RC

“How I Love You” - “Is one of the first songs I wrote after being in a new relationship and the feeling of finding someone who understands you. This song was influenced by ‘Anna’ by Los Saicos.” – RC

“Can't You See” – “Was mostly an exercise in song writing. It deals with communication between people or a lack of.” – RC “Guess I Was Wrong” – “Is another one about a break up, the main theme being the feeling of being burned by your own sense of certainty and trust in someone else.” – RC

“Turned Me To Stone” – “Is a song about isolating yourself after a traumatic breakup. Being jaded, emotions being concealed to prevent further hurt and disappointment…Definitely influenced by ‘Day Tripper’ by The Beatles.” – RC

“This Is It” – “Is one of those ‘lose my number’ kind of songs. Like a musical break up note.” – RC

“Too Good To Be True” – “Is kind of a pun, it's basically coming from the perspective the person you're with being too good of a person to possibly be true. It's kind of a paranoid love song that is a result of being in bad relationships. Also this song was really new when we recorded it, we figured out the arrangements and harmonies in the studio.” – RC

“I'll Get You Someday” – “Is really just a track we only did in the studio. It was pretty newly written when we recorded it. [I was] reaching maybe for an Everly Brothers kind of feel. We had recorded some other parts in the song and then stripped it down a lot. Vince's guitar is only in the bleed. The song is about there being one person out there for everyone.” – RC

 “Telling You” – “Took me about ten minutes to write. It's one of those kinds of garage rock burners that are so classic, it writes itself. The song essentially is about despite what happens to you, you'll be alright no matter what - a decision to not be broken.” – RC

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