Friday, August 12, 2016

Stream It From The Mountain: Horseback – Dead Ringers

Horseback is the experimental solo project of Jenks Miller, also of the country-leaning N.C. indie-rock band Mount Moriah.  His new album, Dead Ringers is out today on Relapse Records and blends organic and electronic textures with cyclical Krautrock-like beats, minimalist synths, psychedelic ambiance and elements of dub and jazz for an unclassifiable, genre-defiant sound. 
Standout tracks, including the buzzing, Middle Eastern-tinged single and hypnotic opening track, “Modern Pull” and the clattering percussion of the epic, nearly seventeen minute long album closer, entitled “Descended From The Crown” make this Miller’s most focused and best album yet with the project.

Stream Dead Ringers here:


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