Friday, August 05, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Jenn Champion – “No One” (Jenn Champion is the moniker for the new synth-driven project of Jenn Ghetto formerly of Carissa’s Weird and S.  Her debut, No One EP - out today on Hardly Art - is a digital only release that features the moody, stripped down post-punk/synth-pop of the title track along with intriguing remixes of the track from Glitterbang, Crater, USF, SassyBlack, Breakmaster Cylinder, and Jenn’s other new side project, Malidont.)

Nomad Stones – “Dead Batteries” (The Boston-based power trio featuring Adam McGrath and JR Conners of Cave In along with Erik Szyska released their self-titled debut album today via Brutal Panda Records.  The trio creates a blistering, punk-informed blend of heavy 90’s alternative rock complete with fuzzed-out effects-driven riffs, unhinged guitar solos and catchy hooks for a very promising debut.)  

16 – “The Absolute Center Of A Pitch Black Heart” (The Southern California sludge-core veterans recently returned with the release of their seventh studio album entitled,  Lifespan Of A Moth, out now via Relapse Records.  The band remains its abrasive self with vitriolic vocals and massive, visceral guitar riffs but the new album boasts experimental elements such as the thick trash metal-inspired riffs of the standout track heard here that gives the band new life for one of their best albums in years.)   


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