Friday, June 03, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat - Bunbury Music Fest 2016 Edition

The Shelters – “Rebel Heart” (The L.A. retro-rockers will release their eponymous debut album next week via Warner Brothers Records.  The new album was co-produced by Tom Petty and takes his influence and mixes it together with elements of 70’s era California folk-pop, 80’s glam and 60’s jangle-rock for a sound with one foot in the present and one in the past.  See them live at Bunbury today at 2:30 on the Yeatman’s Cove stage!)

The Mowgli’s – “Freakin’ Me Out” (The positive-minded L.A. pop-rock band return today at 4:00 to shower the main stage at Bunbury with their lively live show and sun-streaked blend of infectiously catchy garage rock and 60’s folk-pop.  Check out their bouncy and anthemic new single here.) Also read a previous interview with Katie of The Mowgli’s here:

Jeremy Pinnell – “Rodeo” (The Northern Kentucky based classic country & western crooner released his excellent album, OH/KY last summer via Sofaburn Records and will bring his gravel-smooth vocals and vividly gritty storytelling to the Sawyer Point stage at 1:30 on Saturday at this weekend’s Bunbury Music fest.  Listen to the aching ballad-esque single here.)

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