Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stream It From The Mountain: Psychic Heat – “Sunshower”

The Lawrence, Kansas based garage-punk band Psychic Heat - consisting of vocalist and guitarist Evan Herd, guitarist/vocalist Tanner Spreer, bassist James Thomblison and drummer Mark Rockwell recently released their debut album, Sunshower.  It was mixed and mastered by former Flaming Lips member Kliph Scurlock and was released last week by the K.C. based label High Dive Records.    
The quartet creates a loud and energetic punk-influenced brand of 60’s-era psych-pop laced with fuzzed-out stoner rock riffage and elements of 70’s classic rock with propulsive rhythms best displayed on the blazing standout, “In Two” and the chugging “Black Radio”.  Other standouts include “Here Again” with its layered vocal melodies and middle eastern-tinged guitars; the feverish, paisley-tinted single, “Elixir” and the catchy, sing-along group vocals of “Whale Falling”.     

Stream Sunshower here:


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