Friday, May 13, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Arbor Labor Union – “Belief’d” (The Athens, Georgia art-rock band – formerly known as Pinecones – are set to release I Hear You, their new album and label debut for Sub Pop Records.  Their genre-defiant blend of Krautrock-laced post-punk rhythms, unhinged yelps and talk-sung vocals along with sludgy and psychedelic guitars equal out to a sound that recalls both Public Image Ltd. and the defunct Baltimore band Wilderness but new and entirely unique.)  

Nothing – “Eaten By Worms” (Philly’s alt-rock/shoegaze hybrids return this week with their highly-anticipated new album, Tired Of Tomorrow, released by Release Records.  The 90’s-indebted hooks are catchier and more anthemic this time around and they soar above the noise-addled layers of grungy fuzzed-out guitars with arena-worthy purpose for their best and most assured album yet.)

Fruit Bats – “Humbug Mountain Song” (After abandoning the Fruit Bats moniker in 2011 and releasing a solo album in 2014, Eric D. Johnson is back where he belongs with his sixth Fruit Bats album, Absolute Loser, out today via Easy Sound Recordings.  The cathartic new album is deeply personal and confessional – focusing on themes of loss and love - but retains his distinctly sunny vocal melodies and poppy yet fractured folk-rock sound for a most welcomed return.)      


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