Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stream It From The Mountain: Psychic Heat – “Sunshower”

The Lawrence, Kansas based garage-punk band Psychic Heat - consisting of vocalist and guitarist Evan Herd, guitarist/vocalist Tanner Spreer, bassist James Thomblison and drummer Mark Rockwell recently released their debut album, Sunshower.  It was mixed and mastered by former Flaming Lips member Kliph Scurlock and was released last week by the K.C. based label High Dive Records.    
The quartet creates a loud and energetic punk-influenced brand of 60’s-era psych-pop laced with fuzzed-out stoner rock riffage and elements of 70’s classic rock with propulsive rhythms best displayed on the blazing standout, “In Two” and the chugging “Black Radio”.  Other standouts include “Here Again” with its layered vocal melodies and middle eastern-tinged guitars; the feverish, paisley-tinted single, “Elixir” and the catchy, sing-along group vocals of “Whale Falling”.     

Stream Sunshower here:

Friday, May 27, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Thrice – “Black Honey” (After a brief hiatus the post-hardcore vets triumphantly return today with their ninth album, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, via Vagrant Records, their first since 2011’s grunge-inspired Major/Minor.  On the politically-charged new album frontman Dustin Kensrue sings about timely themes of violence and racism with a palpable passion that matches the intensity of the sprawling, heavy and anthemic music for a most welcomed return.) http://thrice.net/

Kristin Kontrol – “X-Communicate” (The Dum Dum Girls’ Dee Dee – Kristin Welchez - has shed her old moniker for her actual first name and added Kontrol as a last name for her new project whose debut album, X-Communicate is out today via Sub Pop.  As a natural extension of the last Dum Dum Girls album, 2014’s Too True, she has ditched the guitars for the most part and in their place are layers of 80’s-inspired synths, danceable rhythms and indelible, nostalgia-inducing New Wave and 90’s R&B-inspired melodies for a radiant reinvention.) www.kiristinkontrol.com           

The Hotelier – “Soft Animal” (The Massachusetts-based trio are set to release their highly-anticipated third album, Goodness today via Tiny Engines.  A logical progression from their breakout sophomore album, Home, Like NoPlace Is There,  - which seamlessly blended punk, emo and indie rock - the ambitious, positive-minded new album focuses on recovering from the psychological damage of the last album with all of their anthemic and emotionally-charged power intact.) https://thehotelier.bandcamp.com/album/goodness      

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat – Remixed, Remastered & Reissued Edition

My Morning Jacket – “Run Thru” (My Morning Jacket’s breakout album, It Still Moves was released in 2003.  It was praised as an instant classic and was loved for its silo-sized reverb-rich sound so when it was announced that the band was going to reissue the album with a remixed and remastered sound I was a bit put off but frontman Jim James was never as fond of the record’s sound and wanted to update it.  Out Friday, May 27 via ATO Records – in celebration of the label’s 15th anniversary - is the It Still Moves Deluxe Reissue and good news…it still rocks with mightier, crisper production and the addition of three b-sides as well as ten demo versions of album tracks all previously unreleased.) http://www.mymorningjacket.com/   
Stream the new version of “Run Thru” here: https://soundcloud.com/my-morning-jacket/run-thru-2

Wolf Parade – “Snakes On A Ladder” (In conjunction with their recent reformation, Sub Pop has released a reissued deluxe edition of Apologies To The Queen Mary, the Canadian band’s acclaimed debut album.  In addition to an all new remixed version of the album, the three-LP set includes their 2003 and 2004 self-titled EPs on vinyl for the first time and also includes the previously unreleased track “Snakes on the Ladder”, taken from the Apologies sessions and heard here.) https://wolfparade.bandcamp.com/album/apologies-to-the-queen-mary-deluxe-edition     
Stream the short and sweet piano-led track “Snakes On A Ladder” here: https://wolfparade.bandcamp.com/track/snakes-on-a-ladder

Death – “Torn To Pieces (Original Florida Session)” (Over the last couple of years, Relapse Records has been reissuing the death metal pioneers’ influential albums and have been including a ton of previously unreleased demos, rehearsals and instrumental tracks with each expanded edition.  They have completed their project with Death’s ground-breaking debut album, Scream Bloody Gore which was released last week.  The late Chuck Schuldiner’s legacy is preserved on the Limited Edition 3CD Deluxe Reissue which features 42 tracks including several different rehearsal versions as well as the original Florida recording sessions.  Hear where it all began as the album ignited the extreme metal community, sparking a new genre altogether.)  https://deathband.bandcamp.com/album/scream-bloody-gore-deluxe-reissue    
Stream the Original Florida Session version of “Torn To Pieces” here: https://soundcloud.com/relapserecords/11-torn-to-pieces-wavcd

Friday, May 20, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Andy Shauf – “The Worst In You” (The emerging Canadian multi-instrumentalist creates sophisticated and evocative music  that combines 60’s pop and 70’s singer-songwriter folk with modern synths, and chamber-pop ornamentation alongside his vivid, emotionally-charged narratives on his new album The Party.  Out today, his first recording for his new label, Anti Records, delivers the goods and should gain him the recognition he deserves.) www.andyshauf.com

Gruesome – “Forces Of Death” (Nearly a year after their savage debut album, the old school - late 80’s and early 90’s - death metal revivalists return today with a brutal new EP, Dimensions Of Horror, via Relapse Records.  Vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey of Exhumed along with current and former members of Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa create a nostalgia-inducing sound that specifically references and pays homage to Death’s pioneering debut album, Scream Blood Gore with its growling grooves and horror-movie inspired lyrics along with more grotesque artwork from Ed Repka.)   https://gruesomedeathmetal.bandcamp.com/album/dimensions-of-horror    

Megadeth – “Dystopia” (The thrash metal pioneers returned in January with their 15th album, Dystopia to prove they remain a force to be reckoned with in the metal community after over 30 years.  Alongside Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson, are new guitarist Kiko Loureiro (ex-Angra) and Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler who add a fresh new perspective.  They are currently on tour in support of the album including a stop at the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus this weekend.) http://www.megadeth.com/