Friday, April 22, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat - featuring 2 songs from Niki And the Dove

Darkness Divided – “Misery” (The Texas-based Christian metal quartet returns this week with their stunning self-titled sophomore album out via Victory Records.  The punishing new album, mastered by Wil Putney, combines inventive and technical yet groove-heavy guitar riffs and rhythms with enough melody and uplifting lyrical themes to balance out the crushing heaviness.  Also, check them out on tour, including a stop in Dayton at Rockstar Pro Arena w/ Come and Rest and Death Of An Era on May 1.)   

Niki And The Dove - “So Much It Hurts” & “Play It On My Radio” (Today marks the international release date for the Swedish electro-pop duo’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated sophomore album, Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now, via Ten Music Group.  Led by the Stevie Nicks-like coo of Malin Dahlström and the glittering 70’s disco-funk and 80’s dance-pop sounds created by Gustaf Karlöf, the modern yet nostalgia-inducing new album is another deliriously fun synth-pop masterpiece.  Dance your heartbreak away!)     
Stream the funky strutting single “So Much It Hurts” here:
Stream the laid-back yet ready-to-conquer-the-radio single, “Play It On My Radio” here:


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