Friday, April 29, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Kyle Craft – “Eye Of The Hurricane” (The Portland by-way-of Louisiana based singer-songwriter released his debut album, Dolls of Highland this week on Sub Pop Records.  Ragtime piano and Dylan-esque acoustic folk rock instrumentation are combined with Craft’s soaring croon and Bowie and Elton John-inspired glam-pop flair for an incredibly promising debut.)  

Wrong – “Mucilage” (The Miami quartet, featuring former members of Torche, Kylesa and Capsule, are set to release their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album today via Relapse Records.  Their noise-addled and groove-heavy sound incorporates elements of 90’s grunge and thick sludge-metal riffs; sounding like a deranged alternate universe where Clutch, Helmet and Unsane are one band.)

Caleb Groh – “Cloud Cover” (The Nashville-based singer-songwriter has just released his long-awaited sophomore album titled, Ocelot.  This time around he has reinvented himself with strange synths, quirky electronics and danceable rhythms to go along with his psychedelic and highly-melodic brand of folk-pop.)      

Friday, April 22, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat - featuring 2 songs from Niki And the Dove

Darkness Divided – “Misery” (The Texas-based Christian metal quartet returns this week with their stunning self-titled sophomore album out via Victory Records.  The punishing new album, mastered by Wil Putney, combines inventive and technical yet groove-heavy guitar riffs and rhythms with enough melody and uplifting lyrical themes to balance out the crushing heaviness.  Also, check them out on tour, including a stop in Dayton at Rockstar Pro Arena w/ Come and Rest and Death Of An Era on May 1.)   

Niki And The Dove - “So Much It Hurts” & “Play It On My Radio” (Today marks the international release date for the Swedish electro-pop duo’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated sophomore album, Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now, via Ten Music Group.  Led by the Stevie Nicks-like coo of Malin Dahlström and the glittering 70’s disco-funk and 80’s dance-pop sounds created by Gustaf Karlöf, the modern yet nostalgia-inducing new album is another deliriously fun synth-pop masterpiece.  Dance your heartbreak away!)     
Stream the funky strutting single “So Much It Hurts” here:
Stream the laid-back yet ready-to-conquer-the-radio single, “Play It On My Radio” here:

Friday, April 15, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Sam Beam And Jesca Hoop – “Every Songbird Says” (Love Letter for Fire, out now via Sub Pop is the result of the collaboration between Sam Beam of Iron And Wine and singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop.  Sam returns to his gentle folk ways and combines it with Hoop’s crystalline voice and quirky pop sensibilities and their debut album is an outstanding collection of duets in the classic country & western and folk traditions.)

Solids – “Blank Stare” (The Montreal trio return with a highly-anticipated new EP titled, Else, out now via Topshelf and Dine Alone Records.  The 4-song EP captures their hardcore punk spirit and thick, crunchy 90’s-inspired guitar tones that are bolstered by a melancholic yet melodic pop sense for a sound that recalls Hum and Dinosaur Jr.)

Black Mountain - “Mothers Of The Sun” (After celebrating ten years since their excellent debut, the Vancouver-based modern classic rockers recently released their aptly-titled fourth album, IV, via Jagjaguwar Records.  This time around they have added Rush and Pink Floyd-inspired analogue synths and hints of cosmic funk to their prog-leaning psych-rock riffage and stomping rhythms to great effect.)  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stream It From The Mountain: Magic Bullets – Young Man’s Fancy

Magic Bullets were a San Francisco-based indie-pop band active from 2004 to 2011.  During that span, they released two EPs and two full-lengths including their acclaimed 2010 self-titled sophomore album which featured their 80’s-inspired brand of jangle-pop that bristled with the post-punk energy and swooning, melancholic melodies of The Cure and The Smiths.  After the band dissolved, three of the members including, vocalist Philip Benson and guitarist Corey Cunningham formed the scuzz-punk trio Terry Malts and curate the label, Parked In Hell Records. 
Young Man’s Fancy is an album that was recorded between 2007-2009 prior to their second album which was released on Mon Amie Records. Out now on limited edition cassette via Parked In Hell Records, the 13-song collection features 11 previously unheard songs including the jangly, horn-infused standout track “I Could Go” and 2 alternate versions of songs that appeared on their second album, including the single, “On Top Of The World”.  Rounding out the set of songs is their cover of “Nerve Pylon”, the 1980 classic by post-punk pioneers The Lines.  

Additionally, Parked In Hell has re-released an expanded vinyl version of Magic Bullets’ 2009 EP, Lives for Romance here:

Stream Young Man’s Fancy here: