Friday, February 05, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

World Be Free! – “World Be Free” (The new punk project featuring hardcore legends, Scott Vogel of Terror, Joe Garlipp of Envy, Andrew Kline of Strife, Arthur Smilios of Gorilla Biscuits and  Sammy Siegler of Judge and CIV.  Their impressive debut album, The Anti-Circle is out now via Revelation Records and boasts a melodic brand of old school hardcore much more poppy and positive than their previous efforts yet just as furious and energetic.  Also, Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand makes a guest appearance.  The band plans to tour in support of the album.)

Dr. Dog – “Bring My Baby Back” (Fifteen years into being a band, Philly’s Dr. Dog have revisited songs from very early in their career that never made it onto a proper recording for their ninth album,  The Psychedelic Swamp, out now via Anti-.  The new album is the perfect culmination of their ramshackle yet highly-melodic psych-pop/Americana sound with nostalgic nods to their lo-fi past and loads of the close-knit harmonies and catchy sing-along melodies we have come to expect from the band.)  

The Crookes – “The Lucky Ones” (The Sheffield-based quartet’s fourth album, Lucky Ones -  recently released by Modern Outsider Records -  is a swirling, guitar-led dream-pop and surf-rock hybrid accented by colorful 80’s-inspired synths with sweeping pop melodies and vivid lyrical imagery for their best and most confident album yet.)


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