Monday, February 01, 2016

3 Songs: On Repeat

Organized Crimes – “Bel Ray Flats” (In advance of their long-awaited debut full-length due later this summer, Organized Crimes, the K.C.-based band led by frontman Cortland Gibson is releasing their third EP, Bel Ray Flats this week via High Dive Records on pretty pink vinyl.  The two songs on the 7” are their most focused and polished to date with a crisp blend of moody melodies, crystalline guitars, 80’s-inspired synths, and driving rhythms that only heighten the anticipation for their debut album.)
Stream the shimmering title track here:

Black Tusk – “Born Of Strife” (The Georgia-based swamp metal trio are set to release their fifth album, Pillars Of Ash this week via Relapse Records.  The new music is their last with bassist/vocalist Jonathan Athon who tragically passed away in late 2014 and their hybrid hardcore punk and stoner metal sound has never sounded more ferocious and thunderous, as a fitting tribute to their founding former member.)    

Savages – “Adore” (Adore Life, the highly-anticipated sophomore album from the modern post-punk quartet was recently released via Matador Records.  As a perfect introduction to the album, the quasi-title track here swells with burgeoning intensity driven by a propulsive bass line and smoldering guitars as frontwoman Jehnny Beth delivers her lines like the world depends on it.)


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