Friday, October 09, 2015

3 Songs: On Repeat

Protomartyr – “Dope Cloud” (Today the Detroit post-punk band are set to release The Agent Intellect, their third album in as many years.  Out now via Hardly Art, the album courses with driving, churning rhythms and careening guitars as vocalist Joe Casey ruminates on philosophical questions of the mind and his mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s.  Like an athlete hitting his prime, Protomartyr keep improving with each year passed and each album released, there is no stopping them.)  

Saintseneca – “River” (The Columbus-based folk-punk band led by Zack Little and featuring Steve Ciolek of The Sidekicks have started to step away from their stomping, punk-fuelled folk sound to include 80’s synths, catchy pop-leaning melodies and more indie rock-inspired textures and tones on their new album, Such Things, out now via Anti- Records.  Produced by Mike Mogis, the new album is a step in a new direction but retains the band’s energetic charm and Little’s poetic and introspective lyrics.)
Stream the first single here, a perfect blend of their old and new sound converging:

CHVRCHES – “Leave A Trace” (The Scottish indie-pop trio have returned with their highly-anticipated sophomore slump-busting new album, Every Open Eye, out now on Glassnote Records.  Led by Lauren Marberry’s crystalline croon and empowering lyrics they create a glimmering 80’s-inspired synth-pop and infectious dance floor ready electro-pop sound with gigantic world-conquering hooks.  Be sure to catch them on tour now and spring for the deluxe edition of the album which tacks on three more incredible songs.)    


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