Friday, October 30, 2015

3 Songs: On Repeat - Brought to you by the letter "B"

Beach Slang – “Young & Alive” (The Philadelphia band led by punk vet James Alex (formerly of 90’s pop-punks Weston) along with members of Ex-Friends, Nona and Glocca Morra are set to release their highly-anticipated debut album, The Things We Do To Find People Like Us today via Polyvinyl.  They create energetic and catchy punk-infused indie rock anthems with raw, honest lyrics that recall The Replacements and 90’s emo with a modern touch.)

Broadcaster – “All The Wrong Reasons” (The Long Island-based pop-punk trio recently released a new 4-song EP titled, Spin via Jump Start Records.  Bouncy rhythms and buzzing guitars harness their live energy alongside infectious hooks that recall 90’s alt-rock for a modern yet nostalgia-inducing sound that keeps getting better and better with every release.)

Beat Connection – “Hesitation” (The Seattle electro-pop band recently released their long-awaited new album, Product 3 via their new label, Anti-.  The quartet blurs the lines of genres and eras with funky, disco-inspired guitars, danceable hip-hop and R&B-informed beats and slick, vivid pop melodies.)   


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