Friday, August 28, 2015

3 Songs: On Repeat

Static Daydream – “The Only One” (On the heels of their promising debut EP released just last year, the new project of Paul Baker from Skywave and Jamie Casey is set to release their self-titled debut album today as a joint release from shoegaze authorities Saint Marie Records and Moon Sounds Records.  The duo creates an earth quaking guitar-heavy swirl of noise that is contrasted perfectly by the blissful dream-pop, 80’s synths and 60’s girl group melodies that shine through the cracks.)    
Stream the harmony rich and synth-smeared opening track here:

Beach House – “Sparks” (Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally return with their highly-anticipated fifth album, Depression Cherry, out now on Sub Pop.  The new album boasts less live drums and slightly simpler arrangements but the dream-pop duo still fills the room with a soaring, shimmering atmosphere of caterwauling guitars, buzzing vintage synths and lilting pop melodies especially on the standout single heard here.)  

The Atom Age – “It’s A Mess” (After giving away their Free EP in 2013, the Oakland band released their long-awaited third album, Hot Shame this week via Asian Man Records.  The album was co-produced by Blag Dahlia from likeminded punk outlaws, the Dwarves and is full of feral fury with 60’s-inspired garage rock and anthemic old school punk colliding with elements of surf rock, vintage organ and tenor sax thrown in to the snarling chaos for good measure.)


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