Friday, August 14, 2015

3 Songs: On Repeat

The Good Life – “Everybody” (Today, the side project of Tim Kasher from Cursive released, Everybody’s Coming Down, their long-awaited fifth album via Saddle Creek.  This time around, the quartet featuring Tim, Stefanie Drootin-Senseney, Ryan Fox, and Roger L. Lewis mostly ditched their acoustic-heavy folk-pop sound for something more diverse and dynamic, incorporating noisy psych-rock and colorful synth-pop as the backbone for Kasher’s distinct lyrical sensibility, resulting in an engaging collaborative effort that makes up for the 8 year wait.)

Black Fast – “The Coming Swarm” (The emerging St. Louis metal band recently released their stunning sophomore album and label debut, Terms of Surrender, via eOne Music.  With monstrous technical riffs and thundering blast-beat led rhythms, their sound is a gruesome dissection of 90’s-era Florida death metal and old school 80’s thrash with elements of modern metallic hardcore topping it off.)     

La Luz – “You Disappear” (Last week, the Seattle surf-punk revivalists led by frontwoman Shana Cleveland released, Weirdo Shrine, their second album via Hardly Art.  The new album was recorded by likeminded producer/engineer Ty Segall in a converted surf shop recording studio and is highlighted by its careening reverb-rich psych-surf guitars, droning vintage organs, swooning four-part doo-wop vocals and hip-swiveling rhythms.)


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