Wednesday, April 08, 2015

3 Songs: On Repeat

Andy Gabbard – “More” (The Dayton-based singer-songwriter has traded in the trippy, stoner psych-rock of the Buffalo Killers for the highly-melodic grunge-informed power-pop found on his debut solo album, Fluff, out now via Alive Naturalsound Records.  Performed entirely by Gabbard in one 12-hour session, the stellar album doesn’t feel rushed even though a rush of fuzzed-out Dinosaur Jr.-esque guitar riffs and loads of infectious melodies create a nostalgia-inducing wall of sound that recalls everything from 90’s alt-rock to 60’s psych-pop.  Also, look for a new Buffalo Killers album later this year!)

Pokey LaFarge – “Something In The Water” (The St. Louis-based Americana singer-songwriter released Something In The Water, his seventh album and debut for Rounder Records this week.  This new collection of timeless-sounding songs offer up more of the rollicking ragtime rhythms – with the use of drums more prominent for the first time – jazzy Dixieland instrumentation, dusty country-blues and of course, the vividly folksy storytelling and unique voice that puts Pokey in a class all his own.)


Doldrums – “HOTFOOT” (The band led by Airick Woodhead creates a punk-inspired brand of sample-heavy electronic music constructed with abrasive yet textural synths that collide with aggressively banging beats and a dark aura for a sound both modern and reminiscent of 90’s electronica on their stunning sophomore album, The Air Conditioned Nightmare, out now via Sub Pop.)   



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