Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Friday: SPC ECO - "Nocturnal" single and video

SPC ECO, the London-based electro dream-pop duo of producer and multi-instrumentalist Dean Garcia, formerly of 90's shoegazers Curve and his daughter Rose Berlin recently released their stunning album Sirens And Satellites via Saint Marie Records.

Today as a special Halloween treat, they have released the epic new track "Nocturnal" with its Portishead-like noir-ish qualities as a free download on their Bandcamp page along with an accompanying video.  The appropriately haunting and hypnotic film was produced by the A-B Collective.

Stream and Download "Nocturnal" here:

Watch the video here:

For more info:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

VLMA – “Thumb Bucket” (VLMA, the Maryland-based grunge-pop trio just released a self-titled cassette with Fleeting Youth Records which holds their first two EPs.  The songs were recorded entirely on analog equipment – the same type that Nirvana used to record Bleach - which helped them to capture their effortlessly catchy and 90’s nostalgia-inducing brand of fuzzed-out grunge-punk.)

Rancid – “Collision Course” (The 90’s punk pioneers triumphantly return with Honor Is All We Know, their eighth album and first album in over five years.  Out now on Hellcat/Epitaph Records, the stellar new album - produced by Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph CEO Brett Gurewitz -puts Tim and crew at the top of the punk food chain once again with another set of pummeling ska-tinged punk anthems.  The standout single here with its propulsive rhythm and unhinged guitar outbursts is an example of what the band does better than anyone else.)    

Pianos Become The Teeth – “Repine” (For Keep You, their third album and debut for Epitaph Records, the Baltimore-based post-hardcore band added in  more melancholic melodicism and unbridled emotion to their already textural sound while subtracting some of the overt heaviness and distortion for their best and most experimental album yet.  The ethereal strings, catchy refrain and driving, tom-heavy rhythm of the atmospheric first single here is the perfect introduction.)  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

Afternoons – “Say Yes” (The L.A.-based indie-pop 6-piece released their long-awaited debut album, Say Yes, this week via eenie meenie Records.  The album was produced by Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart who captured their infectious, danceable and arena-worthy synth-driven sound that recalls Fun. along with their penchant for sunny, sing-along melodies that bring to mind likeminded L.A. band the Little Ones.  Check out the exuberant title track here.)   

Cold War Kids – “Hot Coals” (The scrappy veteran indie rock band released their fifth album, Hold My Home this week via Downtown Records.  Produced by guitarist Dan Gallucci, formerly of Modest Mouse, the new album offers up even more anthemic and soulful hooks alongside a much brighter production along with the addition of drummer Joe Plummer, also of Modest Mouse and The Shins.)     

Jessie Ware – “Say You Love Me” (The minimalist R&B songstress returns with her highly-anticipated sophomore album Tough Love, out now via Interscope Records.  She reaches new heights on the album as her soulful voice soars above thicker beats and church choirs and this powerful, emotionally-charged standout single co-written by Ed Sheeran is the perfect example of the broadened and bold new sound found on the stellar new album.)      

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble

The best and most definitive Primus lineup - featuring drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander, guitarist Larry Lalonde and bassist/vocalist Les Claypool - has returned to release their strangest album yet and first full-length album since 1995.  Out today via ATO Records is Primus & The Chocolate Factory, where Les and crew pays homage to and re-imagines the soundtrack to the iconic 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, as only they could, putting an even darker twist on the already quirky songs to make them their own.  The mysterious Fungi Ensemble provides all of the ancillary ornamentation such as the vibraphone, marimba and strings that make the score so unique.           
In addition, Primus is set to bring the album to life on tour complete with an elaborate stage show, Primus-branded chocolate bars and demented Oompa Loompas.     

Check out the stomping rhythm and psychedelic guitar freakouts on “Golden Ticket” here: 

Listen to their lovingly odd take on the soundtrack’s most well-known song “Pure Imagination” here: 

For tour dates and more info:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat – featuring an MP3 PREMIERE from Lac La Belle

Lac La Belle – “The Border” (The Detroit folk duo of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Jennie Knaggs and Nick Schillace released their excellent third album, A Friend Too Long last week.  Led by some fancy Fahey-like fretwork and Knagg’s lilting vocals, their rootsy brand of organic Americana is infused with catchy pop-leaning melodies, stomping percussion and some Appalachian hoots and hollers for good measure.  The album was recorded during the chilling “Polar Vortex” earlier this year with a full band treatment for the first time and the result is a timeless yet modern set of songs and their fullest and most complete album yet.  Check out the flickering guitars and yearning lyrical sentiment of the standout single below.)   


Stars – “Turn It Up” (The Canadian art-rock vets return with their seventh album, No One Is Lost, out now via ATO Records.  The album was recorded above a dance club and the throbbing beats below greatly influenced their danceable, synth-smeared and shiny indie-pop.  Check out the soaring synths, bright horns and playful playground-like chants of the anthemic standout single here.)

Jen Wood – “Run With The Wild Ones” (The Seattle songstress – also known for singing on The Postal Service album – released her new album, Wilderness this week as a joint venture between Radar Light & New Granada Records.  The highly melodic yet experimental album features electronic elements like Gameboy/Chiptune melodies that were composed by Andy Myers of Stenobot and Supercommuter and it was written on piano as opposed to guitar - a first for the songwriter - for her best and most diverse album yet.)        


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

Minus The Bear – "Cat Calls & Ill Means" (Seattle indie rock vets return with Lost Loves a new album out now on Dangerbird Records collecting unreleased songs from sessions dating from 2006 to 2013 that didn’t quite flow with their respective albums.  The standout single here - taken from the critically-adored Planet Of Ice sessions - is built upon a buzzing bass line and filled with their signature synths, fancy fretwork and ear-worming melodies.  The result is a strong and cohesive album that is a Pisces Iscariot-like testament to their craft.)

Field Report – “Marigolden” (The Milwaukee-based indie-folk quartet led by the rich, earthy voice of singer-songwriter Chris Porterfield released their stunning second album, Marigolden this week via Partisan Records.  The new album progresses their wistful and organic folk sound to add electronic elements and beautiful female vocals from Tamara Lindeman of Weather Station for a sophomore slump-busting album that shouldn’t go unnoticed.)     

Night School – “Birthday” (The new Oakland-based trio led by singer Alexandra Morte of Whirr and Camera Shy perfectly blends lovely 60’s doo-wop harmonies with fuzzy shoegaze guitars, synths and gritty garage-punk on their very promising 4-song debut EP, Heart Beat out now via Graveface Records.)  

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Weezer – “Everything Will Be Alright In The End”

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their seminal debut album earlier this year, Weezer return with Everything Will Be Alright In The End, their ninth studio album, out now via Republic Records. 

Led by the standout first single, “Back To The Shack”; Ric Ocasek returns to the producer’s chair and lyrically Rivers Cuomo makes tongue-in-cheek meta-references to the band’s heyday in’94 as the new album rocks with some of The Blue Album’s crunchy riffs and fun, arena-sized power-pop hooks as a welcome return to form.  Additionally, Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino duets on the playful surf-pop standout “Go Away” and the chugging Middle Eastern-tinged “Cleopatra” revives some of Pinkerton’s emotional exuberance. 

With Everything Will Be Alright In The End, Weezer delivers an album thick with nostalgia and knowingly, enough of the band’s best attributes so that the goofy songs like “Beverly Hills” and albums like Raditude can be more easily forgiven and the band can be celebrated once again with their best post-90’s album.        

Stream “Cleopatra” here:

For more info:

Friday, October 03, 2014

Free Friday: Earl Boykins – “Everybody Like Dogs” EP

Earlier this week the New Paltz, NY based jangle-punk band Earl Boykins released their new EP Everybody Likes Dogs on limited edition cassette via Forged Artifacts.  To celebrate, they have the digital version of the 5-song EP up on Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want download.
Led by the standout single, “Lance Armstrong” with its driving rhythm, bright melodies and elastic 90’s guitar tone; this very promising new collection of songs streamlines the fuzzed-out noise-addled hardcore outbursts of their debut EP, FRIENDS - released earlier this year – and allows the band’s infectious pop chops to come to the forefront alongside jangly guitars and cleaner production that only heightens the anticipation for a full-length release. 

Stream/Download the Everybody Likes Dogs EP here:

For more info:

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

Soft Swells – “Floodlights” (Led by singer-songwriter Tim Williams, Soft Swells has swollen to become a fully formed band and the anthemic synth-smeared surf-inspired and folk-drenched indie-rock on their hotly-anticipated sophomore album, Floodlights – out now on Modern Outsider – is much bigger, bolder and better as a result.)  

The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Terrified” (The beloved Canadian indie-folk trio released their long-awaited third album, Mended With Gold this week via Saddle Creek Records.  The new album deals with loss and heartbreak and its painful and sometimes joyful aftermath.  The standout first single here with its foreboding piano and biting lyrics that contrast nicely with soaring vocal harmonies and a driving rhythm is the perfect re-introduction.)      

Lunchbox – “Tom, What’s Wrong?” (Now a duo, Tim Brown and Donna McKean recently returned with Lunchbox Loves You, their first album in over ten years.  Released on Jigsaw Records, the excellent new album is a sugar rush of fuzzed-out 60’s bubblegum-inspired dreampop with jangly guitars, bursts of bright horns and strings and insanely catchy melodies reminiscent of the 60’s-indebted indie-pop Apples In Stereo and Dressy Bessy released in the 90’s.)