Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3 Songs: On Repeat

S – “Brunch” (S is the solo project of Jenn Ghetto - formerly of Carissa's Weird - her excellent new album; Cool Choices is out now on Hardly Art.  Produced by Chris Walla - now formerly of Death Cab For Cutie - the album is split between melancholic and personal Elliot Smith-like piano ballads and shimmering, catchy guitar-led indie-pop that recalls 90’s Pacific Northwest indie rock.)

Whirr – “Mumble” (The quintet melds thick textural shoegaze guitars and whisper-y pop vocals with elements of punk and metal along with hypnotic rhythms and soaring atmospherics on their stunning sophomore album Sway, out now via Graveface Records.  Check out the surging and stomping standout single here.)     

Terry Malts – “Let You In” (The San Fran. retro-punk trio – featuring former members of Magic Bullets - have released a new 4-song EP, titled Insides via Slumberland Records.  The first single heard here is their catchiest track yet with a driving, hip-swiveling rhythm and blasts of surf-rock guitar lines that break through the power-pop fuzz for a standout moment.)   


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