Friday, July 18, 2014

Free Friday: Sea Wolf – “Song Spells, No.1: CEDARSMOKE”

Sea Wolf - the indie-folk solo project of singer-songwriter Alex Brown Church - released a new album this week entitled, Song Spells, No.1: CEDARSMOKE as a free download via his Bandcamp page as a gift to his loyal fans.  Though not the proper follow-up to his excellent third album, Old World Romance (released last year via Dangerbird Records) this new 10-track album may be more immediate and experimental but it is just as gracefully orchestral and melodic as ever with Alex’s vividly literate storytelling again the spotlight.    

The album opens with the instrumental “Intro” and its churning cello and ambient programming that leads into “Ram’s Head” with its swelling synths, gentle acoustic guitars and subtly catchy melody.  The upbeat strumming, driving rhythm and bright keyboard melodies of “Bergamot Morning” provides a standout moment as does “The Water’s Wide”, which features a shuffling wire-brush drum beat, atmospheric guitars and cello and a memorable vocal melody.  The album closes out with the epic, nine-minute long "Visions" which may be Church's best, most dynamic and diverse song yet with its ringing guitars, propulsive beat, and sing-along refrain.     
The album was recorded, mixed and produced by Church at his home studio in a four month period last fall and is the first in series of albums he plans to release in between studio albums.

Download Song Spells, No.1: CEDARSMOKE here:

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