Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nirvana – “Nevermind” – Universal Records High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-Ray Edition

Once again vinyl is wildly popular with audiophiles and even with the less discerning music fans who just want something tangible again.  Much of that popularity is based on the pure audio that comes from the wax but if you do not own a high quality turntable or if you like your music with a side of Tech. then check out Universal Records’ newly launched High Fidelity Pure Audio campaign.    
Universal is digging through their massive crates of masters to offer up supreme high fidelity audio editions of such classic albums as Nirvana’s Nevermind and In Utero, The Velvet Underground and Nico, Beck’s Sea Change, as well as albums from The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and John Coltrane.
With the larger capacity and higher resolution available on the Blu-Ray discs as opposed to CDs and DVDs, these classic albums have been restored to how they were meant to be heard – pure, rich and uncompressed – and they come in your choice of several different lossless sound formats including PCM, Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio at 2.0 and 5.1 surround sound.  As an added bonus, also included with each album is a standard format mp3 download code of the album to be played on music players not equipped for Blu-Ray.   
The iconic opening guitar riff of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” has never sounded better!

Already available in the UK and France, Universal’s Pure Audio is coming soon to the United States…

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Maria Taylor – “Tunnel Vision” (The folk-pop songstress returns with her new album, Something About Knowing, this week via Saddle Creek Records.  Influenced by becoming a mother, the resulting album is much brighter and poppier yet no less atmospheric and dreamy, reflecting her newfound joy.  With help from producer Mike Mogis and her brother Macey Taylor, Maria has crafted an album that blends the best attributes of her previous albums into her best and most immediate work yet.)  

Botany – “Laughtrack” (Botany is the recording moniker for Spencer Stephenson, who creates translucent and vivid sound sculptures on his debut album, “Lava Diviner (Truestory)”, out now on Western Vinyl.  This non-album track features the distinct vocals of Father John Misty also known as J. Tillman formerly of Fleet Foxes, along with an almost eerie atmosphere of hazy, glimmering synths and a stuttering beat.)

Eureka Birds – “Mila Don’t Make A Sound” (The Baltimore-based band led by keyboardist and vocalist Justin Levy recently released their stellar sophomore album, Strangers.  Produced and mixed once again by Tyler Watkins of Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s, the album showcases their perfect blend of piano-led pop with intricate arrangements of analog synths, fuzzy guitars, dreamy melodies and catchy sing-along choruses.)   

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CONTEST: Close Your Eyes - "Line In The Sand" - Win a prize pack from Victory Records!

This week, Christian hardcore band Close Your Eyes released their highly-anticipated third album, Line in the Sand, via Victory Records, which features new front-man Sam Ryder Robinson.
For your chance to win a prize package including a brand new Close Your Eyes t-shirt, crewneck sweatshirt, gym shorts, and draw string backpack, please provide your answer for the following: Did you take advantage of the Alternative Press stream of Line in the Sand over the weekend? If so, what is your favorite track off of the new album and why?
There will be 3 lucky winners!  Email your answers to with the subject: Close Your Eyes Contest.   

Check out the lyric video for “The End” for some inspiration and GOOD LUCK!

Video - “The End”:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Friday: Freya - "Ghost Echoes" EP

Freya, the New York metalcore band led by the distinct vocals of Karl Buechner, also of hardcore legends Earth Crisis are set to release their fourth album, Paragon of the Crucible on November 5th via Holy Mountain Music.  In anticipation, they have teamed up with Revolver Magazine to release Ghost Echoes, a free digital EP.   
The 4-song EP includes two tracks taken from the upcoming album including the towering first single, “Colossus” and the crushing “Serpentine” which features Paul Waggoner of Between The Buried And Me.  These two songs showcase the melodic and progressive elements the band uses to set their sound apart.     
The EP also features two cover songs, as Freya put their own brutal spin on the Alice In Chains classic, “Them Bones” and a surprisingly faithful rendition of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box”. 

Download the Ghost Echoes EP here: (via Revolver Magazine)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Signals Midwest – “In The Pauses” (Cleveland emo-revivalists return with their excellent third album Light On The Lake, out now via Tiny Engines. Led by fiery singer/guitarist Max Stern, they create a forceful and smart brand of punk rock that blends math-rock time changes and shout-along choruses into their emo-tinged anthems that recall everything from Braid, Brandtson and Red Animal War.)

The Stargazer Lilies – “We Are The Dreamers” (Title track and first single from the Pennsylvania trio led by John Cep and Kim Field of former shoegaze band Soundpool create iridescent daydreams of hazy guitars and electronics with haunting vocal melodies on their stunning debut album, We Are The Dreamers, out now via Graveface Records.)

Dosh – “We Are The Worst” (Electronic producer and composer Martin Dosh, who has collaborated with Andrew Bird and Bonnie “Prince” Billy released his new solo album, Milk Money this week via Graveface Records.  Dosh deftly mixes organic instruments like piano, voice and percussion with electronic elements like samples, loops and hip-hop beats to create his warm, widescreen soundscapes that he also performs himself during his must-see live show.)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Breathe Owl Breathe – “Silent Movie Reel” (The Michigan folk trio returned this week with their highly-anticipated new album, Passage of Pegasus.  Produced by Eric Johnson of Fruit Bats, they create a magical world of weirdness and wonder, contrasting between melancholic and joyous, minimal and complex.  And with Micah Middaugh’s baritone voice and unique storytelling; it is easy to get lost in their strange world.)

Luke Temple – “Katie” (The Here We Go Magic frontman returns with his latest solo effort, Good Mood Fool, out now via Secretly Canadian, which finds the songwriter loose as he mixes charming 70’s soul with slick 80’s synth-pop for an honest album that continues to showcase his retro-leaning talent.  The sly funk of the first single here recalls Peter Gabriel and Prince at their best.)

La Luz – “Pink Slime” (The all-female dark surf-rock quartet released their debut album, It’s Alive this week via Hardly Art.  The blissful doo-wop vocals and crashing vintage organ-drenched melodies of the second single here stand out among the album’s best moments.  Catch them on tour with of Montreal now.)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Head And The Heart - "Let's Be Still"

Seattle folk-pop band The Head And The Heart returns this week with their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Let’s Be Still, released by Sub Pop.  Building off of the momentum and the success of their breakout self-titled debut, the new album was mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol) and shows the band branching out to include more electric guitars and dreamy synths to their organic, harmony-rich folk palette to great effect.  Lyrically, the songs relate to the sudden shock of fame, the good and the bad and how it has affected their relationships.    
The familiar tones of pretty piano and violin melodies along with their distinct, close-knit three-part harmonies open the album on “Homecoming Heroes”.  Next, the emotional and thought-provoking “Another Story” was written after the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting and is bolstered by inspiring lines like, “the sun still rises even through the rain”.  Violinist and vocalist Charity Rose Thielen takes the lead on the short, lilting and dreamy interlude, “Springtime” which leads into the bouncy, synth-led standout “Summertime”.  It is a testament to their excellent songwriting that the newfound synths do not sound out of place.   Cyclical guitars, soaring strings and haunting vocal melodies highlight the heartfelt, “Josh McBride”.  The energetic lead single, “Shake” is filled with infectious handclaps and a fun, howl-along hook for another standout moment.  “Cruel” follows with wispy pedal steel and swaying violins for a laid-back Country vibe.  The title track, “Let’s Be Still” features a prominent bass line, swells of vintage organ and showcases the three vocalists with each taking a verse and then coming together in glorious harmony on the indelible chorus.  The band pays tribute to their closest loved ones in the touching “My Friends” and “10,000 Weight In Gold” is filled with about that many catchy melodies.  Another standout, “Fire/Fear” melds a melodic electric guitar run with ringing piano chords and a bittersweet sentiment.  Removing all of the ornamentation from the arrangement, the simple acoustic guitar and harmonica of “Those Days Are Numbered” is all that is needed to back up Charity’s gorgeous vocals on the song.  The album closes out with the fluttering strings, flickering banjo and shuffling rhythm of “Gone”, which was originally written during sessions for their debut but found its ascending melody and anthemic arrangement only after years of touring and playing the song live. 
With Let’s Be Still, amid heavy expectations, The Head And The Heart have created an sophomore-slump busting second album that shows the experience of a band that has grown closer together after years on the road.

Stream Let’s Be Still here:
For more info: and

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stream It from The Mountain: Rubblebucket - "Save Charlie" EP

The jubilantly genre-defiant Brooklyn indie-pop octet just released their new Save Charlie EP via Communion Records.  Funky disco guitar riffs and rhythms set the tone for the energetic, 80’s-inspired horns to highlight the infectiously catchy title track, “Save Charlie”.  In addition, the seven-track EP features two more new originals, a brilliant, neon-lit cover of The Doobie Brothers' classic "What a Fool Believes," and is rounded out by fun, danceable remixes of the title track by Big Black Delta and Chico Mann along with a glitchy video game-like remix of the Doobie Brothers cover.
For your own dance party, just add water or…stream the entire Save Charlie EP here:

For more info: and

Watch the video for "Save Charlie" here:

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat (featuring 2 songs from Tim Kasher - "Adult Life")

Tim Kasher – “Where’s Your Heart Lie” (Tim Kasher of Cursive and The Good Life released his excellent second solo album, Adult Life this week via Saddle Creek Records.  His distinctly unique voice and clever, conversational storytelling is backed by fractured synth-led pop that is just as raw as the disillusioned tales he weaves about getting older and growing up.  Catch him on tour in support of the new album now.)     
Download the frantic and thumping, vintage organ-led opening track, “American Lit” here:
Download the bouncy, New Wave-inspired “Truly Freaking Out” here:

The Royal Concept - “Radio” (The Swedish indie-poppers recently released their new EP, Royal via Lava Records.  The infectiously catchy hook of the new single here only highlights their anthemic and danceable Phoenix-like pop that comes complete with underlying folk undertones and a Strokes-like swagger.)        

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

CHVRCHES - "The Bones Of What You Believe"

Chvrches, the Scottish synth-pop trio recently released their highly-anticipated debut album, The Bones Of What We Believe via Glassnote Records.  Led by the sweet and confident vocals of Lauren Mayberry and the precise production of Ian Cook and Martin Doherty, they create an infectiously danceable, guitar-less sound with inventive synth melodies that are both futuristic and nostalgic all at once.     
The album opens with the stomping rhythm, glimmering keys and sweeping cinematics of “The Mother We Share”.  Later, “Tether” features a darker mood with broad atmospherics before launching in with a swirling beat that is all 80’s.  Other standouts include the single “Gun”, which is pure bliss with psychedelic keys, an insistent beat and a deliriously indelible melody, sounding like a female-fronted Passion Pit and the first single, “Recover” is included with its stuttering yet throbbing dance beat and the catchy, cosmos-reaching chorus.  “Night Sky” follows with twinkling 80’s synths and another big refrain for yet another standout moment on an album filled with them. 
Much praise has already been heaped upon Chvrches, and deservedly so, because with their super-poppy synth-driven attack they have made a stunning, star-making debut that should top many a year-end list come December.         

For more info:

Friday, October 04, 2013

SHOW ALERT: Dayton Music Fest 2013

The 9th annual Dayton Music Fest is this Friday and Saturday and boasts an exciting lineup of local indie rock curated by scene vets Don Thrasher and Kyle Melton.  A weekend pass is only $10 and enables you to check out over 30 of Dayton's finest acts including, the wild synth-led party that is Nightbeast, pop purveyor Kris N., the grease-smeared garage punk of The Holy Smokes, lo-fi newcomer Luke Frazier, and recent Misra Records signee The Motel Beds and much more. 
The Dayton Music Fest will take over such venues as Blind Bob's, Oregon Express, and Canal Street Tavern along with an outdoor stage at the Midwest Outdoor Experience at Eastwood Metropark.  Come be a part of the Gem City's thriving and eclectic music scene! 

For more info and for a full schedule of events visit:

Listen to a playlist of Dayton Music Fest bands here:

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Leverage Models – “Sweep (feat. Sharon Van Etten)” (Leverage Models is the new experimental project from Shannon Fields of Stars Like Fleas.  His self-titled debut album is out now via Hometapes.  This standout single, features twinkling 80’s inspired synths and rhythms along with swooning guest vocals from Sharon Van Etten and complex yet giddy pop melodies.)

FUZZ – “Loose Sutures” (Modern day garage-rock titan Ty Segall plays drums for this trio led by Charles Moothart, also of the Ty Segall Band.  Their self-titled debut is out now on In The Red and is filled to the top with bluesy, blown-out Sabbath-like guitar riffs, stomping, fill-heavy drum beats and warped psych-rock melodies.  It’s just like you expected but better.)  

Big Deal – “Swapping Spit” (The duo’s stunning sophomore album, June Gloom is out now on Mute and it improves upon their excellent debut with their bright and catchy Sonic Youth-like male/female vocal melodies that float above the fuzzy guitars and crunchy rhythms like fog over a boggy marsh.)

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Josh Berwanger - "Strange Stains"

Josh Berwanger formerly of early-2000’s indie rock legends, The Anniversary and The Only Children, returns after a lengthy hiatus – he coached a high school girls’ basketball team! – with his excellent new album, Strange Stains, out now via Good Land Records. 
Assisted by his old musical confidant, Michael Hutcherson and featuring guest drumming from Jim Macpherson of The Breeders and vocals throughout from Heidi Gluck of The Only Children; Berwanger creates a gimmick-free brand of folk and classic rock-inspired indie rock with a super-melodic, power-pop sensibility.
“Bullets Of Change” opens the album with infectious handclaps and a breakdown with chanting vocals and a squiggly guitar solo.  “Enemies” follows with a twitchy yet propulsive rhythm and a sing-along chorus.  The first single, “Baby Loses Her Mind” stands out with bright, jangly guitars, more handclaps and an old school rock n’ roll swagger.  Another standout, “Time Traveler” recalls the psych-leaning classic rock-ness of The Anniversary’s final masterpiece, Your Majesty, complete with female background vocals.  “Gypsy Girl and the Tombs of Atuan” features strummy acoustic guitars, a stomping beat and a flickering, 80’s metal-like guitar solo.  “Mary”, with its quick-strummed guitar rhythm, stomp-and-clap beat and spacey synths provides yet another standout moment.  Next, “I Can Feel The Moon” pollenates swaying doo-wop vocals melodies with psychedelic 60’s pop and sets it all to a hip-swiveling rhythm and the chugging, back-roads country and southern 70’s rock of “All Night Long” keeps pace.  The aptly-titled “Spirit World” creates a trippy atmosphere with pounding, reverb-rich drums, horns, synths and melodic guitar runs for the album’s most experimental moment.  The eleven-track album closes out with the starry-eyed 50’s rock of the catchy cover of  “Sweet Little Girl” by 90's K.C. punk band The Breakups and the cascading Byrds-like guitars and bittersweet melodies of “Everybody Knows”. 
Fans of Berwanger’s previous bands will feel a heavy nostalgic pull since his new album Strange Stains starts off where he left off but with his distinct voice and songwriting style, he takes his sound in new directions that feels both timeless and modern for a welcome return.         

Stream “Baby Loses Her Mind” here: