Thursday, September 26, 2013

VIDEO PREMIERE: Fourth Of July – “Berlin”

Lawrence, Kansas indie rock band, Fourth Of July recently released their excellent third album, Empty Moon, via new K.C.-based label High Dive Records.  Led by the clever and observational lyrical storytelling of vocalist/guitarist Brendan Hangauer, they create a folk-inspired brand of Midwestern indie rock complete with country-leaning ornamentation and catchy melodies.
They have released a video for their new single, “Berlin”, an aching tale about a long distance relationship gone wrong.  Directed by Matthew Toplikar, the metaphorical video captures a day in the life of Hangauer and his mannequin girlfriend as he serenades and cooks for her, while she blankly stares back at him.  It’s the perfect visual complement to the song.  Check it out here:

Download the shout-along first single, “Drinking Binge” here:  

To purchase Empty Moon or for more info: and 


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