Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Friday: Look Mexico - Discography

The Florida punk band, Look Mexico is currently recording for their long-awaited third album to be released next year via Tiny Engines, whose first label release was Look Mexico’s 2008 Gasp Asp EP.  The new album will be the follow up their 2011 EP on Adeline Records, Real Americans Spear It.  Their brand of punk rock is bolstered by hints of emo and indie rock with shifty rhythms, anthemic melodies and layers of angular guitars.    
In addition to the upcoming album, the band is also celebrating their 10 year anniversary and is offering up their entire discography thus far, as a free download on their Bandcamp page for one week only.
This is a great opportunity for new fans to start from the beginning and be ready for the new album.  So don’t miss out!

Download the Look Mexico discography including their 2007 debut album, This Is Animal Music and their sophomore album, To Bed To Battle as well as their EPs – So Byzantine, The Crucial EP, Gasp Asp and Real Americans Spear It here:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Black Joe Lewis – “Skulldiggin” (The howling blues and funk revivalist returned this week with his new album, Electric Slave, out now on new label, Vagrant.  After a lineup shakeup and the dropping of the “Honeybears” from the band name, Lewis chose to focus more on the guitar while still creating a soulful, blues-soaked garage-rock that sounds like James Brown fronting the Rolling Stones, for their most cohesive and confident album yet.)

This Frontier Needs Heroes – “George Clooney” (Sibling duo of Brad and Jessica Lauretti recorded their appropriately-titled and more experimental third album, Hooky, in Dr. Dog’s Philly studio to 2” analog tape along with a full band including sitar, organ and violin to help flesh out their sun-drenched alternative folk tunes.)  

Lowland Hum – “War Is Over” (North Carolina husband and wife duo Daniel Levi Goans and Lauren Plank Goans recently released their debut album, Native Air.  Their beautiful, braided harmonies perfectly complement their soaring art-folk.  Lauren, an artist, also creates their videos and the multimedia projections used for their live shows.)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Springtime - "South Hill" 7"

Emerging Richmond, VA based band Springtime are set to release the South Hill 7”, their debut EP, today via Tiny Engines Records.  Forming in 2011 and featuring former members of Family Cat, Tiger Tail and Cheyenne, Springtime creates a throwback hardcore sound that references D.C. emo-core godfathers, Rites Of Spring and Embrace along with a punk rock intensity and a melodicism all their own.    
The title track, “South Hill” opens the A-side with punchy guitars and vocals that recall the sly, gruffness of early Henry Rollins.  “Here Now” follows with a propulsive rhythm and a catchy Gorilla Biscuits-like melody for a standout moment.  The B-side opens with the choppy beat and anthemic charge of the much-too-short “Let Out” and closes out with the tangled, emo-era guitars and sing-along chorus of “Wait”.  As a bonus, the digital download of the EP comes with a roaring cover of the Fugazi classic, “Great Cop”. 
With the very promising South Hill 7”, Springtime has made a grand entrance and set the bar high for their full-length release.

The 1st pressing of the South Hill 7" vinyl is limited to 500 copies pressed on four colorways: 100 White w/ Blue & Orange Starburst, 120 White, 130 Gray and 150 Robin Egg Blue.

Download the title track, "Spring Hill" here:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Shaheed & DJ Supreme – “Champions Of Truth feat. Akil The MC from Jurassic 5” (The Alabama rap duo released Knowledge, Rhythm, and Understanding, their third album and debut for new label, Communicating Vessels this week.  DJ Supreme’s soulful boom-bap production is perfectly complemented by Shaheed’s crisp and clean old school-inspired flow for a throwback sound that eschews the typical “southern” signifiers for their strongest and most impressive album yet.)

No Age – “An Impression” (The L.A. noise-punk purveyors return this week after a three year wait with An Object, their fourth album and third for Sub Pop.  This time around the duo used a stripped down, minimalistic approach and were more experimental, using bass guitar and tape loops more prevalently.  The pretty cello contrasts nicely with the buzzy beat and elastic guitar melody on the new single “An Impression”.)

His Electro Blue Voice – “Sea Bug” (Taking claim of the noise-punk title from their labelmates, the Italian trio released their debut full-length, Ruthless Sperm, this week via Sub Pop.  Their unrelenting sound shatters ear drums with glass-sharp shards of shoegaze guitars, pummeling rhythms, bursts of fuzzed out noise and touches of New Order-like post-punk melody for an impressive debut.)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Travis - "Where You Stand"

Feeling refreshed and renewed after a five year hiatus, the Scottish Brit-pop vets, Travis return with their long-awaited new album, Where You Stand.  Out today via their own re-launched Red Telephone Box label, the new album also finds them returning to their cinematic and catchy, The Man Who-form for their best album in years.      
“Mother” opens the album with ringing piano notes and the same effortless and anthemic charm of their earlier releases.  The upbeat single, “Moving” follows with a rumbling, almost New Wave-like rhythm to go along with its soaring chorus and chiming guitars for a standout moment.  “Reminder” features an instantly catchy whistled melody and a thumping, bass drum-led rhythm and the emotionally churning title track, “Where You Stand” is highlighted by Fran Healy’s heart-tugging vocal melodies and cascading guitars.  As a change of pace, “Warning Sign” rocks out with a bluesy grit and an off-kilter yet head-nodding beat.  The elastic guitars and sing-along chorus of “Another Guy” provides another standout moment.  “A Different Room” is built upon twinkling guitars, a pretty strings section and a cloud-scraping chorus, offering up more of their trademark sweet sentiment in spades.  Next, “New Shoes” features a propulsive beat and outbursts of strange noises that complement the moody melodies.  The sunlit jangle of “On My Wall” also stands out with an infectious chorus that feels like classic Travis.  The piano-led balladry of “Boxes” is outfitted with a choppy electronic beat and bittersweet yet gorgeous melody.  The eleven-track album closes out with wistful, wide-screen melodies of “The Big Screen”. 
Travis has proved with their excellent new album, Where You Stand, that sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I just hope we don’t have to wait as long next time for more new music from the band.

Download “Another Guy” here:

For more info:

Friday, August 16, 2013

SHOW ALERT: strangewave - In-Store Performance at Omega Music - TONIGHT!

Strangewave, the Dayton, OH dream-pop duo of Katrina Eresman and J. Trenton Crace recently released their debut album, Pop Noir.  The album is full of their catchy pop-leaning melodies that bloom beneath a bed of glimmering synths, beautiful, breathy vocals and layers of guitars for a very promising debut. 
They have been touring in support of the new album since its release and will make a stop in the Oregon District tonight for a free in-store performance at Omega Music on 318 E 5th St, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 
So come out and catch their performance, pick up their album and even get it signed by the band if you are into that kind of thing!

Stream Pop Noir here:

Download the Mazzy Star-like album closer, “Pollen” here:

For more info: and

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat (featuring 2 songs from Loftus)

Loftus – “Bell And Hammer” and “When The Electricity Goes Out in The Submarine" (Featuring members of 90’s indie cult favorites, Rex and Red Red Meat - who became Califone - Loftus is a super-group of sorts whose only self-titled release gained cult status after its initial release in 2000 for its distinct, fractured folk sound.  Long out of print on CD, It has now been issued on limited edition vinyl for the first time via Jealous Butcher Records.  The legend goes, that after sitting in on each other’s sets during their tour together in ’95, the two bands decided to record an album by putting everyone's names in a hat, then picking out three to four names at a time to go into the room and come up with a song.  The resulting album is loose yet magical and now it sounds even better with a new mix and photos from the time the album was recorded.)   
Download the Tim Rutili sung “Bell And Hammer”:
Download the haunting and cascading “When The Electricity Goes Out in The Submarine”:

T. Hardy Morris – “OK Corral” (The frontman for the Georgia psych-rock band Dead Confederate  and member of the collaborative supergroup, Diamond Rugs, recently released his debut solo album, Audition Tapes on Dangerbird Records.  The 10-song set perfectly captures his ramshackle country-leaning sound but incorporates Elliott Smith-like melancholic melodies and a sense of nostalgia that never seems put-on, for an impressive debut from this prolific songwriter. )