Wednesday, July 31, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Soft Swells – “Lifeboats” (L.A. indie-pop band Soft Swells - led by Tim Williams - released their sun-soaked and nostalgia-laced new EP, Lifeboats this week on Modern Outsider Records.  Also included are a remix of the title track by Jon Visger of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and a slinky, synth-driven cover of T-Rex’s glam-anthem, “Children of a Revolution.”)

Shark Week – “Baby Maybe” (As a follow up to their debut EP and just in time for the week-long TV event, “Shark Week”, the D.C. based band of the same name create a sharp and soulful brand of jangly, surf and blues-informed garage-pop on their new double A-side 7”, titled, Santurce, out now on Analog Edition Records.)

Kitten Forever – “Famous Friends” (The Minnesota-based female punk trio of Liz Elton, Corrie Harrigan, and Laura Larsonuses use only crusty, fuzzed-out bass and rumbling drums to create their raw, Riot Girl-inspired and Mika Miko-like art-punk on their sophomore album, Pressure, out now as a double 7-inch via Guilt Ridden Pop.)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Digital Noise Academy - "Synemy"

The Digital Noise Academy, also known as DNA, is a collaborative project between six musicians and producers including Ken Andrews and Jordon Zadorozny formerly of 90’s alternative bands Failure and Blinker The Star, along with Sharky Laguana of Creeper Lagoon, singer-songwriter Charlotte Martin, Fernando Sanchez, and former Beck bassist and M83 producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen.  Together, they combine electronica and power-pop leaning alt-rock along with their collective experiences into a nostalgia-laced yet unique and modern sound that is experimental while also holding true to each musician’s distinct musical "DNA".     
“Stop Running” opens the album with churning, early Smashing Pumpkins-like swirls of guitars and a propulsive rhythm.  Charlotte Martin, who has lent her voice to electronica tracks by The Crystal Method and Tiesto is put to great use on the slinky, synth-driven standout single, “Melting Inside”, with its danceable beat and bubbly vocal melodies.  The title track, “Synemy” opens with soft, cascading guitars before launching into a soaring chorus with cosmic synths and sci-fi imagery.  Two other standout tracks on the ten-song album are “Thursday Night Party”, reminiscent of cult favorites Failure with its chugging guitar rhythm; and Zadorozy’s sparkling vocals and the squelching electronics of “Circulation”, that recalls Andrew’s electronica-inspired solo project, ON.
After perfectly combining all of their collective experiences and influences into one cohesive and captivating sound, the six musicians of The Digital Noise Academy have hit the right notes once again on their new album, Synemy.  

Stream/Purchase Synemy here:

For more information visit

(This review was originally published in the Dayton City Paper)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Junior Astronomers – “Lisalla” (The emerging North Carolina quartet released their stunning debut album, Dead Nostalgia via Broken Circle Records this week.  On it they create an intense and emotional whirlwind of cathartic 90’s emo, shout-along melodies and loose, jangly indie-rock along with vocalist Terrence Richard’s gruff howl.)     

The O’s – “Outlaw” (The Dallas folk-pop duo of Taylor Young on acoustic guitar and kick drum and John Pedigo on banjo released their new album, Thunderdog this week on their own, Punch Five Records.  Their stomping rhythms, rich, organic instrumentation and catchy, close-knit harmonies will appeal to Mumford & Sons fans and beyond.)

Ellie Herring – “Always Just Okay” (The electronic producer and vocalist released her new album, Kite Day, this week with the Racecar imprint.  The tapping and clicking beat, soothing R&B-inspired vocals and cosmic, washed out synths of the first single provides the perfect introduction to her upbeat yet dark electro-pop.)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

San Cisco - "San Cisco"

Australian indie-pop band San Cisco just released their self-titled debut album on July 16 via RCA Records in the United States.  It was previously released by Fat Possum Records in Australia last year to great praise from both critics and fans alike.  The young four-piece band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Jordi Davieson along with Josh Biondillo on guitar, keyboards, and vocals and the tight yet spastic rhythm section of bassist Nick Gardner and drummer/vocalist Scarlett Stevens.  Their strange name doesn’t reference the city or anything else for that matter, giving the band a blank slate.  Together they create a youthfully jubilant pop-leaning brand of jangly indie rock that is packed to the brim with infectious, sunny melodies that are spray-painted with colorful synths and danceable rhythms. 
The album opens with the rumbling 80’s-inspired synth bass, glittering keys and soaring chorus of “Beach” and is followed by the standout single, “Fred Astaire” which is just as catchy as the man himself cutting a rug.  Also included are beefed-up recordings of previously released singles; the stalker-baiting “Awkward” with its cowbell-infused rhythm and deliriously catchy sing-along chorus and the folksier “Rocket Ship” with its shuffling beat and big, piano chords, handclaps  and even bigger, rafters-reaching chorus.  New song, “Hunter” really plays up their comparison to Vampire Weekend with Jordi’s sun-soaked vocals recalling Ezra Koenig’s distinct voice yet without coming off as a copycat.  “Wild Things” is highlighted by a rubbery rhythm as some psychedelic synths wash over the fun vocal melodies for another standout moment.  The anthemic “No Friends” is a revved-up punk number complete with a choppy rhythm and a short guitar solo just for the heck of it.  One of the album’s best surprises comes in the form of the warped, Muppets-like doo-wop vocals and pounding piano of “Lyall”.  Slowing down a little bit, is “Metaphors” with its elastic guitar lines and infectious vocal harmonies.  Next, the 80’s post-punk-inspired electro-pop of “Mission Failed” shows off their impressively diverse range with its cosmic synth blasts and brooding beat.  Jordi lets loose with his unhinged vocal histrionics on the upbeat “Stella” which also features some more crazed and cartoonish background vocals that are way more fun than they are annoying.  Closing out the very promising thirteen-track album are “Nepal” and its thumping beat, synths and emotionally-charged vocals; and the short instrumental, “Outro”, which sounds like elevator muzak beamed from outer space.                  

Also, check out an interview I did for the Dayton City Paper, with bassist Nick Gardner here:

Friday, July 19, 2013

SHOW ALERT: Ghosty and Making Movies at Blind Bob's in Dayton on July 20

K.C. based indie-rock bands Ghosty and the Latin-influenced Making Movies are currently on tour together and will be making a stop in Dayton this Saturday, July 20 at Blind Bob’s.

Led by Andrew Conner, Ghosty creates slinky Shins-like indie-pop with clever lyrics and unforgettable melodies and are touring in anticipation of their third album due later this summer on High Dive Records. 
Making Movies have been making a name for themselves with their danceable, Spanish-sung brand of indie rock found on their recently released album, A La Deriva which was produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. 
Be sure to check out these great bands this Saturday at Blind Bob’s along with The Neverhawks and Sam at Eleven. 

Stream/Download the new single, “Love U 2” from Ghosty here:

Watch a making of video for “Love U 2” from The Surrounding Media:

Ghosty - Love U 2 - Surroundings from Surrounding Media on Vimeo.

Stream A La Deriva by Making Movies here:

For more info:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Gauntlet Hair – “Human Nature” (The Chicago based duo of drummer Craig Nice and singer/guitarist Andy R. create a moody goth-driven post-punk sound that recalls both the poppier side of Joy Division and the destructive industrial sound of Nine Inch Nails on their stellar new album, Stills, out now on Dead Oceans.)

Adam Franklin & Bolts Of Melody – “Boocat Leah” (Adam Franklin of 90’s alt-rock band Swervedriver now creates shaded 60’s-inspired psych-rock with cinematic touches and his trademark guitar style on, Black Horses, his second album with the Bolts Of Melody.  The experimental new album was released this week via Goodnight Records.)

Don Peris – “Electrostar” (The guitarist of indie-pop band The Innocence Mission recently released The Old Century, his fourth solo instrumental album and third released by instrumental imprint Jemez Mountain Records.  Using only guitars, his vivid and sometimes atmospheric soundscapes feature dulcet, lullaby-like tones with melodic moments that are both spiritual and soothing, stoking the imagination.)       

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Tillers - "Hand On The Plow"

Cincinnati trad-folk trio The Tillers recently released their new album, Hand On The Plow, through Muddy Roots Music Recordings.  The band creates a timeless blend of old time bluegrass, country & western, blues and rootsy folk with an underlying punk spirit and is led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mike Oberst along with brothers, Sean and Aaron Geil.  Their fifth studio album was produced by Brian Olive who was able to capture their close-knit live energy perfectly while also allowing them the space to stretch out and add in additional instrumentation for a fuller sound.    
The album opens with the jaunty banjo and insistent acoustic guitar strumming of “Old Westside” that sets the scene for their descriptive folksy narratives.  “The Road Neverending” follows as Sean takes over lead vocal duties on the introspective track.  Recent live favorite and standout track, “Shanty Boat” is given a proper studio recording with its super-catchy bobbing rhythm and vocal cadence.  The swampy blues of “I Gotta Move” is slightly darker with a Tom Waits vibe and features some blistering harmonica solos by guest Col. J.D. Wilkes, adding in a new dimension to their bluegrass-leaning sound.  “Willy Dear” is a dusty, Woody Guthrie-like tune with soaring harmonies and a bittersweet melody.  Another standout track, “Tecumseh On The Battlefield” is highlighted by a locomotive-like rhythm and some lively fiddle playing.  Next, “Can’t Be True” drips with heart-aching emotion that shines through in both the music and the lyrics.  Elsewhere, “500 Miles” sadly is not a cover of the 90’s song of the same name by The Proclaimers - and now I wonder what it would sound like in their able hands - but it is equally as catchy with flickering banjo figures and a sing-along chorus.  The eleven-track album closes out with “Weary Soul” which is driven by shuffling wire-brush percussion and a regret-soaked nostalgia.    
Through non-stop touring, The Tillers have made quite a name for themselves with their “must see” live show but with their new album, Hand On The Plow, the spotlight should now rest on their great songwriting and give them the wide-spread recognition they deserve.   

For more info: and

Monday, July 15, 2013

RECAP: Bunbury Music Festival 2013

The second annual Bunbury Music Festival took place this past weekend in Cincinnati and was another huge success.  The headlining bands Fun, MGMT and hometown heroes, The National did not disappoint and the next level of bands like, Belle & Sebastian, The Mowgli’s, Divine Fits, Cake, Cincy’s own Walk The Moon and Yo La Tengo, were just as great. 
Some of the lesser known bands such as Chicago’s The Bears Of Blue River, local folk-rockers, The Mitchells and the stomping blues and Gospel-drenched folk rock of troubadour Christopher Paul Stelling stood out as well.    
The showstopper of the weekend – other than the short rainstorm that delayed action for 30 mins. Sunday night – was the highly-entertaining and tirelessly energetic Saturday set by Columbus duo, twenty | one | pilots.  Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun donned their trademark ski-masks in the 90 degree heat, jumped and back-flipped all over the stage and Tyler even scaled to the top of the nearly 60 feet tall stage, instantly winning over thousands of new fans with their high wire performance.  In fact, they should be included in the discussion for one of the headlining gigs next year.   
The surprise performance of the weekend came from the Kent, Ohio folk-rock/chamber-pop hybrid, Bethesda, who inspired many of their spectators to engage in a heat-be-darned hoedown during most of their set.  The singer of the band, Shanna even ran off stage to join them for a moment.  They won over many new fans with their great showing of excellent musicianship and fun, personable attitude.  
Once again, the event as a whole was well-planned and executed.  The bands were on time and for the most part, did not overlap and the food and drink prices were reasonable.  All in all, the Bunbury Music Festival was a great event for the city of Cincinnati and its local music scene and I cannot wait until Bunbury 2014!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The Kent, Ohio based band create a dynamic folk rock sound that blends together the beautiful and theatrical voice of Shanna Delaney and her husband, guitarist Eric Ling’s complimentary vocals with the anthemic chamber-pop pomp of early Arcade Fire along with a positive message on their sophisticated sophomore album, The Reunion, out now on Inkind Music. 

The six-piece band is currently touring in support of their new album and will be making a stop on the final day of the Bunbury Music Festival this Sunday.  In anticipation, Eric, Shanna and Dan gave us some insight into their influences, their honest lyrics and how Eric and Shanna plan to spend their 6th wedding anniversary.

In reviews, you have been compared to many great bands like Arcade Fire but who and/or what do you say are your influences?

“First of all, we are always very flattered to be compared to Arcade Fire and other great bands. Being in the same conversation as some of the best in indie-rock is an amazing feeling that never gets old. What is unique about Bethesda is that every band member composes their own parts to every song. Because of this, the wide range of influences for each band member (ranging from punk to lo-fi folk) finds its way into every song. We love that, and believe it is our open embrace of these various influences that helps make our music fresh and original. That being said, when writing the songs for The Reunion, I paid a lot of attention to female led bands like Feist, My Brightest Diamond, and Eisley as I was trying to better hone the difficult skill of being a male and writing for a female vocalist. My songwriting is also very much influenced by some of the most honest and profound lyricists and talented songwriters, including Sufjan Stevens, Pedro the Lion and The Decemberists. Of course, I just write the bones of the song, so when Shanna Delaney (lead vocals) gets her hands on it, it evolves into something much better. Then when each band member composes each of their own parts, it turns into a completely original song that has everyone's finger prints/influences all over it. We love it that way! I would say our live shows are definitely influenced by the high energy and creative live performances of The Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens and The Decemberists. We love how their performances are a celebration of their music, and there is no doubt that they are loving what they are doing up there. That is what we strive for with every live performance. - Eric Ling

You have played a few festivals, including SXSW and Bonnaroo and soon you will play Bunbury.  What do you like best about outdoor fests?

“Outdoor fests that are carefully curated are the perfect setting for a band like ours. When people attend these fests, they are all about the music and discovering new bands is a huge part of the experience. When our name is on the same lineup as the likes of The National, Yo La Tengo and Belle and Sebastian it places us in elite company, and the fans attending our show are full of positive vibes and expectations for great music. We feel our music is best suited for festivals. It is upbeat, full of dynamics, high-energy with a lot of hooks, so the outdoor setting gives our music space to grow, and our sound gives us the opportunity to draw people through the summer air to our stage, and with it, the chance to be the “new” band for thousands of people. There is no better feeling than hitting your first note and watching the people come rushing over to your stage. It just doesn't get any better than that. - Shanna

You will be playing alongside Belle And Sebastian and The National on Sunday at Bunbury.  What bands are you most excited to see this weekend?

“Unfortunately, we are touring in and are unable to be there for the Friday and Saturday, so we will be missing a whole lot of great acts we wish we could have seen. That being said, Sunday holds a whole lot of promise. Belle and Sebastian top my list because Eric and I shared a lot of our early dating days listening to their tracks and exchanging them on mix playlists we made for one another. Sunday is actually our 6th year wedding anniversary, so we are thrilled to be able to play a show and then run over to catch Belle & Sebastian to celebrate our marriage. It's going to be really special. Of course, we cannot wait to see The National – they are incredible. Outside of that, we are going to spend a lot of time wandering from stage to stage hoping to discover new bands and just enjoy the top-of-the-line festivities. - Shanna

“I would really love to have seen MGMT, but we won't be in town for that show. But if YOU are, make sure you see them. Those guys are incredible. I am looking forward to discovering new bands and of course, Belle & Sebastian and the National on Sunday.” - Dan

 My favorite song from The Reunion is the cinematic and soaring opening title track, “The Reunion”.  What is your favorite song to play live and why? 

We are so glad that you like that song. That is definitely my favorite to play. I wrote that song about my grandfather's passing as a celebration of his life. So it is a really emotionally charged song for me. I also feel like it is a song whose musical composition really matches the lyrical content and I love starts that it finishes off on a very dance-y, celebration. We added a “dance-your-face-off” outtro to our live show to take it to a whole other level. I always get excited when that song comes up on our set list.” - Eric

“I love playing “Water's Ways” because it goes so many different directions and goes from a slow groove to an exciting high-energy song. It is really fun to play. As far as bass lines I love playing, it has to be “Fit to Leave”. The bass part is so sultry!” - Dan

“I would say “Fit to Leave”. It is about my brother Stevie that passed away in a motorcycle accident, so I have a very dear emotional connection to the song. It also has my favorite break down in it where the whole crowd gets involved. I love songs that evoke that kind of response from a crowd.” - Shanna

Your lyrics deal with the timeless tropes of life and love but in a more positive way.  Can you please expound on that?

“We make it a point to be honest with our lyrics and deal with very real situations like death, love, pain, suffering, growth, and relationships. The peculiar thing about trials, however, is that they teach us to have hope (Dan). Because of this, it gives the lens through which we view our lives a different hue. We will never pull punches on things that are difficult, but will rarely leave it there in a song. We try to end each song with hope and growth rather than in the depths of despair. In reality, it is that hope that keeps us moving forward and being creative and loving occupants of this earth. And we work hard to capture and promote that in our songs. Each song approaches this differently as the story the song is based on dictates. This is why we do what we do, and we hope that people connect with the stories and allow themselves to be moved by it.” - Eric 

Download the single, “Go” here:


Buy your tickets to see Bethesda and “dance-your-face-off” at the Bunbury Music Festival here:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

INTERVIEW: Daniel Martin Moore

Indie folk singer-songwriter Daniel Martin Moore is set to bring his timeless brand of Americana to the Bunbury Music Festival stage on Sunday. 
In anticipation of his upcoming performance at Bunbury this weekend, I caught up with the Kentucky-based musician to find out about his upcoming album and his favorite snacks.

Your last album, In The Cool Of The Day was released by Sub Pop in 2011 and it’s gorgeous Gospel-soaked sound was a favorite of mine that year and in 2012, you self-released Farthest Field along with Joan Shelley.  What have you been up to since then?  Are you currently working on a new album?
“We were on the road for much of 2012 - Joan & I played a bunch of duo-shows in the USA & EU.  It felt like we were all over the map last year.  And I was also recording an album for my label by Daniel Joseph Dorff (a Cincinnati legend) & Ronnie Kuller called "The Quiltbox Sessions" that came out earlier this year.  But yes, I've been working on loads of new recordings of my own, too.  I recently combed through the archives and remixed a bunch of unreleased tracks & B-sides for a collection due out at the end of this year, and we're set to begin tracking on an album of new songs before the year's end, too.” – Daniel Martin Moore

Without giving away all of the surprises, what do you have planned for your performance at Bunbury?  Will you be testing out any new songs?
“We will be playing several new ones, yes.  While they aren't brand new, they've never been recorded, at least.  And this will make the first time they've been played as a band.” - DMM

I am sure a lot of people are excited to see you perform at Bunbury, but who are you excited to see?
“I'm most excited about Devotchka & Camera Obscura, but there are so many quality bands this year.  And maybe this is weird to say, but I'm also really happy to be seeing my own band in the festival.  It has been over 18 months since I last played a show with these guys, and it has been so much fun rehearsing for the festival - feels great to be back at it.” - DMM

What one older and one current song do you wish you would have written yourself?
“Oh, I wouldn't say I wish I'd've written any song - sometimes not even the ones that I do write - but an older favorite would be Speak Low by Kurt Weill & Ogden Nash, and a new favorite would be “Wendy Bird” by Haley Bonar.  There's no shortage of beautiful music out there.” - DMM

On your Twitter page (@danielmmoore) you say, “I will thank you to provide me with snacks.”  So, what are your favorite snacks?
 “Pistachios.  Hands down.” – DMM

Download “Dark Road” from In The Cool Of The Day here:

Tickets are still available for the Bunbury Music Festival this weekend:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Old Monk – “Fowl And Foe” (The Brooklyn garage-pop trio are currently releasing individual singles leading up to the release of their sophomore album due later this year on Eenie Meenie Records.  The latest is a tightly-spun bundle of raw nerves and energy with a loose bass line and a choppy rhythm to go along with its soaring vocal melody.)   

The Torches – “You Sucker” (Oboe and chugging violin-led chamber-pop collides with bluesy swamp rock and a punk spirit on the opening track to The Authority Of, the stellar debut album out now on Lujo Records.  The D.C.-based band is led by the Tom Waits-like Cajun carnival barking of Stephen Guidry, formerly of The Cassettes.)

Vacation – “Candy Waves” (The title track from the Cincinnati-based garage-punk band’s sophomore album out now on Don Giovanni Records.  The trio of Peyton Copes, Jerri Panic and Evan Wolff lace their off-kilter pop sense with surf-rock riffs, feedback-drenched Sonic Youth-like outbursts and endlessly energetic rhythms.)   

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

CONTEST: These Hearts - "Yours To Take" - Win a CD, t-shirt or hoodie!

Fargo, North Dakota Christian pop-core band These Hearts are set to release their sophomore album, Yours To Take today via Victory Records.  With their effortless blend of infectiously catchy pop-leaning melodies and pit-worthy breakdowns along with their throat-shredding screams and positive, Christian-based lyrical themes, the band is ready to steal the spotlight away from label-mates A Day To Remember. 
Yours To Take was mixed by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember) and mastered by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada) and is led by the struggle-busting anthem and standout first single, “Been Through Hell”, complete with gang vocals and a punchy pop-punk rhythm.  The album also features guest vocals from Bert Poncet from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! on the explosive opening track, “This Is Love” and Mattie Montgomery from For Today lends his distinct growl to the brutal, breakdown-infused track, “War”.  The eleven-song album closes out with the emotionally-charged ballad, “Never Mind Me” and its soaring arrangement.      
Yours To Take, the excellent new album from These Hearts is indebted to their hard work and maturity; as the sing-along choruses are brighter and catchier while simultaneously, the heavy parts are even heavier, and it solidifies their identity as a band to watch.         

In conjunction with These Hearts and Victory Records, Atlas And The Anchor is proud to offer a contest where the new album and some sick new merch from These Hearts can be yours to take!
3 winners will be picked and 1 Grand Prize winner will receive a copy of Yours To Take on CD and a zip-up hoodie and poster.  2 Runners-up will receive a These Hearts t-shirt and poster.
Just send an email with your favorite Victory Records band (other than These Hearts) and your t-shirt size to:
Winners will be chosen at random in a drawing held on Monday, July 15. 

Watch the lyric video for the song, “Miserable” here:

For more info: and

Friday, July 05, 2013

INTERVIEW: The Mowgli's

Emerging Los Angeles-based eight-piece folk-pop band The Mowgli’s just released their highly-anticipated debut album, Waiting For The Dawn via Photo Finish/Island Records to great praise, especially for the sun-drenched standout singles, "The Great Divide" and "San Francisco".

In support of the new album, the band is hitting the road for a massive summer tour that includes stops at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza as well as the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati. 
In anticipation of their performance at Bunbury, vocalist Katie Mowgli was kind enough to shed some light on the band’s diverse musical influences, including their love for Queen’s vocal harmonies and their “Be A Mowgli” campaign.    

In reviews, you have been compared to many great bands like Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros and Fleetwood Mac but who and/or what do you say are your influences?   
“There are 8 Mowgli's and every single one of them plays an intricate part in creating our sounds. We have all been influenced by different bands and genres and it comes through when writing or composing our songs.  One Mowgli might come to the band with a song that sounds like folk, but once another Mowgli puts classic guitar riffs on it, or doo wop back ground vocals, it becomes its own beast. To answer this question more specifically, because it's probably one of the hardest to answer, we are influenced by everything from Buddy Holly and The Beatles to Misfits and Wu Tang clan. A lot of us were into the music scenes surrounding the early 2000s, like hardcore, emo, electro pop, etc. We are also constantly inspired by the discovery of new artists on a regular basis.” – Katie Mowgli

You have played a few festivals, including Bonnaroo and will soon play Bunbury.  What do you like best about outdoor fests and what would your dream concert lineup be?
“Playing the festival circuit has been a dream come true to this band! We are all music heads ourselves, and have spent most of our teenage and young adulthoods saving up for festival tickets and rushing to the front of crowds so we can be front row for our favorite bands. In addition to having the opportunity to share our music with crowds of festival size magnitude, we get all access passes to all the best festivals across the country, ALL SUMMER LONG! Being that all 8 of us have varying music tastes, I'd say festivals like Bonnaroo, that have hundreds of artists, including legends like Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, R. Kelly, Wu-Tang Clan and Bjork playing for 4 days straight, or Bunbury who have some of the hottest headliners in music today are the closest thing we can think of to a "dream line up".” – KM

A lot of people are excited to see you guys but what bands are you most excited to see at Bunbury?
“We are really excited to be coming back to the East Coast, first and foremost, so we are excited to see all of you guys too! Bunbury has some of our favorite artists of today playing! FUN!, MGMT, Walk The Moon and Tegan and Sara are a few obvious calls...who isn't stoked for a line up like that? But we are also excited to see our friends, Youngblood Hawke! Also, one of our favorite bands to catch at festivals this year has been twenty-one pilots. If you haven't seen them live yet, DON'T MISS IT! I think the entire festival is going to rule and we can't wait!” - KM

My favorite song on your excellent debut album is the danceable “Slowly, Slowly” with its jangly guitars and driving, post-punk rhythm.  What is your favorite song to play live and why?
“Funny you mention “Slowly Slowly” in this question because I'd say it's one of the entire bands’ favorites to play live too! That’s the part of the set where we really cut loose and go nuts. Who can sit still when the drums are driving like that? “Hi Hey There Hello” is a really fun song to play, too, because the audience usually sings along with us! We've spent the past six months touring our 5 song EP, Love's Not Dead, so it's been really fun for us to play some of the newer ones off of our record, Waiting For The Dawn now that it's been released! Honestly, I think this answer changes every night! – KM

What one older and one current song do you wish you would have written yourself?
“Speaking only for myself here, if you haven't heard of them, there is a little band out there called Lucius. They are a 5 piece with not one, but 2 incredibly strong female fronts. Their entire self-titled EP is epic, and I often find myself wishing I was in a project like that. They have a song called “Go Home” that can bring most of The Mowgli's to tears... it's that powerful! I hope I can write a song that strong one day.
As for older songs, well, the list is endless, but because of my current emotional state, I'm gonna say, “You're My Best Friend” by Queen. Not only for the touching lyrics, but Queen's vocal arrangements are the best of all time, ever, (The Beach Boys stand with them) and my goal for The Mowgli's is that one day, our own vocal arrangements can evolve to be anywhere near theirs.” - KM

Along with the album release you created the “Be A Mowgli” campaign ( can you please expand on that?        
“The Mowgli's have always had the intention of bringing what Family of The Year calls "Posi Vibes" into the world. To us, that's what being a Mowgli means! We want to do what we can to make the world a better place, and we believe one of the simplest ways to begin this process is to perform random acts of kindness when and wherever possible. "Be A Mowgli" is our way of inviting fans and friends to get on board with this mission! is a place where you can share your random acts of kindness with the internet, and possibly inspire others to join the movement! It's all about paying it forward and spreading the Love, and it starts with us!” - KM

You can still get tickets to catch The Mowgli's at the Bunbury Music Festival next weekend in Cincinati here:

Watch the video for "The Great Divide" here:

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat - featuring an exclusive mp3 from strangewave

strangewave -  “Pollen” (The Dayton based dream-pop duo of J. Trenton Crace and Katrina Eresman just released their very promising debut album, Pop Noir.  Their catchy pop melodies bloom beneath a bed of glimmering synths, beautiful, breathy vocals and layers of guitars.  Check out the soaring, Mazzy Star-like album closer, “Pollen” here.)

About Group – “Walk On By” (About Group is the experimental side project of Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip that also features John Coxon of Spiritualized and This Heat’s Charles Hayward.  Together, they color in the lines between improvisational Jazz, sad sack country ballads and quirky synth-led indie pop on their third album, Between The Walls, out this week on Domino Records.  A deluxe edition is also available that comes with an extra disc of DJ loops.)   

Bleached – “Next Stop” (Los Angeles-based sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin formerly of punk band, Mika Miko, now blend their love of classic-era punk rock with catchy, sun-bleached surf-pop melodies on their debut album Ride Your Heart, out now on Dead Oceans.)    

Transplants – “In A Warzone” (The punk super-group of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, Blink 182’s Travis Barker and Rob Aston of Death March recently released their long-awaited and well-worth-the-wait third album, In A Warzone via Epitaph Records.  Check out the fast and furious first single below.)  

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dolfish - "Dolfish Live"

Dolfish is the recording moniker for Cleveland-based indie folk singer-songwriter Max Sollisch and today marks the release of his very first live recording, Dolfish Live.  The live album comes hot on the heels of his acclaimed debut album I'd Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same, released last fall via Afternoon Records and following a successful overseas tour with Bob Nastanovich of Pavement. 
The expansive 72-minute recording features every Dolfish song ever written, including four new songs and Max’s unique reinterpretations of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Were Made For Walking" and Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You In The End."
Standouts on the album include the new, electrified slide guitar-enhanced arrangement of “Perspective Is A Funny Thing” and new song and live favorite, “Wake Up Or Live Life Alone”, about an awkward office romance.  The 34-track track-listing also includes his introductions and explanations of the songs, showcasing his quirky sense of humor.  The album was recorded in May at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington, OH except for the hidden track, which is a trippy, tremolo-heavy version of the emotionally churning "Grown Ups", recorded during a performance at Iowa State University.      
Dolfish Live is available digitally through the Dolfish Bandcamp page and also as a CD, limited to only 100 hand-signed and hand-screened copies.     
Appropriately, in support of the new live album, Dolfish will be hitting the road for a short, intimate house show tour with Adam Remnant of Southeast Engine, hitting the Midwest and East Coast July 10th through the 18th.  Tickets can be purchased at

Stream/Purchase Dolfish Live here:

Download “These Boots Are Made For Walking” here:

Monday, July 01, 2013

Show Alert: Bunbury Music Festival 2013

The Bunbury Music Festival is set to return to Cincinnati on the weekend of July 12, 13 and 14th for its second year.  Last year’s inaugural fest was an amazing success and it looks like this year will be even better with headliners Fun., MGMT and The National. 

There are over 80 performers this year including, Belle & Sebastian, Cake, Tokyo Police Club, The Mowgli’s, Divine Fits, Black Joe Lewis and Yo La Tengo just to name a few.
In addition, the Bunbury music fest again will set out to shine the spotlight on some of Cincinnati’s own emerging indie rock acts such as The Mitchells, The Harlequins, You, You’re Awesome, Walk The Moon and Buffalo Killers. 
For a large music fest, the ticket prices are very reasonable.  One day tickets are $65 and 3-day passes are only $130.  Also available for $295, is a VIP experience that includes front-row access to the main stage and an air-conditioned VIP area that boasts surprise performances. 

Bee Free and stay connected here: and follow @BunburyFestival on Twitter.   

Also follow @AtlasAnchor on Twitter and stay posted here for more news and interviews with Bunbury bands!