Friday, June 28, 2013

Free Friday: Statistics - "Peninsula"

Statistics is the solo project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Denver Dalley, who with Conor Oberst, played in Desaparecidos.  His debut solo album came out almost a decade ago and his wizened, long-awaited third album, Peninsula, was released this week as a free download through Afternoon Records (Dolfish, Poison Control Center).    
During his hiatus as Statistics, he has been very busy composing film scores and touring in the backing band with a host of bands including, Har Mar Superstar, who guests on the standout track, “Take The Lead”.  Dalley’s eclectic electronic-informed brand of indie rock has been injected with new life from his touring experiences and from playing with a diverse group of bands. 
The album opens with “Rewind”, a short, aptly-titled intro that samples the sped-up and high-pitched sound of a tape rewinding.  Though he might be rewinding into the past - as lead single, “Nineteen-Ninety-Nine” offers a dose of Y2K nostalgia - his music still has a foot in the future as the aforementioned “Take The Lead” is a slick slice of futuristic electro-funk.  Other standout tracks include is his soft and skeletal take on Rilo Kiley’s “Picture Of Success” and the stuttering power-pop of “Fever Sleep”.
Peninsula is a welcome return for Denver Dalley and his Statistics moniker.

Download the single, “Nineteen-Ninety-Nine” here:

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