Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Multiple Cat - "The Return Of The Multiple Cat"

The Multiple Cat is the Quad Cities based indie-rock project of singer-songwriter and producer Patrick Stolley, who released a few criminally underappreciated albums in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Since then, Stolley began producing, mixing and engineering for Daytrotter, of which he was a founding member.  After years of recording other people’s music, he decided it was time to write, record and produce his long-awaited new album, the aptly-titled The Return Of The Multiple Cat, out now as a joint release between Guilt Ridden Pop Records and Stolley’s own imprint, Future Appletree.
 Fuzzy and jangly guitars and rich analog synths combine with his catchy melodies and quirky art-pop sense for a modern take on such retro-leaning sounds as scrappy 90’s indie rock and twee 60’s pop and the album opener, with its danceable and catchy keyboard melody “The Master’s Voice” is the perfect introduction.  Standout track and first single, “The Hill Part 1” follows and features a hip-shaking rhythm propelled by a fuzzed-out bass line and highlights Stolley’s voice which recalls Stuart Murdoch from Belle And Sebastian.  “The Other World” features jabs of reverb-rich guitars and a tumbling, tom-heavy beat while the album’s epic centerpiece, “The Flood” is made up of three parts; the first one led by a rumbling bass line and the second, more ominous with haunting melodies and soaring synths and the third, a revved-up send up with a joyous sing-along melody.  “Disaster!” is anything but with its room-filling vintage organ, jangly guitars and poppy melodies.  Another standout track, “Know Future, Know Past” features an instantly hummable guitar line and some visceral yet joyful sing-along lyrics of death and regret, likely influenced by the deaths of both of his parents during the album process.  “Vampire Bats/Mall Rats” is highlighted by a nervous energy, a propulsive rhythm and a fast-paced vocal cadence.  The too short eight-song album closes out with the intricate cyclical acoustic guitars and ethereal pedal steel of “The River”. 
The Multiple Cat has returned with a set of songs on their new album, The Return Of The Multiple Cat that are so solid it feels like they were never gone!

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