Friday, May 31, 2013

Free Friday: David Byrne & St. Vincent - "Brass Tactics" EP

Last year David Byrne and St. Vincent released the critically-acclaimed collaborative album, Love This Giant via 4AD Records.  Now they have released a new 5-track EP titled, Brass Tactics, as a free download in anticipation for their upcoming world tour. 

The EP contains the previously unreleased track, "Cissus", with its waltzing beat and glass harmonica melody and continues on with the collaborative nature with remixes of Love This Giant tracks "I Should Watch TV" by M. Stine and "Lightning" by producer Kent Rockafeller.  Rounding out the EP are live versions of the Talking Heads classic, "Road To Nowhere" and the St. Vincent song, "Marrow"; to give a preview of what to expect from their live show.

Download the Brass Tactics EP above for the price of an email address here:

For tour dates and more info: 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

State Lines - “Linger” (The Long Island, NY post pop-punk band released their sophomore album, For The Boats this week on Tiny Engines.  They expand upon the melodic late 90’s-inspired emo-core that they have already perfected by mixing tempos and adding in touches of indie rock and a newfound maturity on their sophomore slump busting new album.)     

Blue-Eyed Son – “All Went Black” (Exuberant horns and a bouncy beat propel the stellar first single as Andrew Heilprin, former frontman for surf-punk band 40 Watt Domain, combines scruffy yet poppy acoustic folk melodies with a breezy surfer-vibe on his long-awaited new EP Shadows On The Sun, out now on Eenie Meenie Records.)

Last Good Tooth – “What’s What I Do” (The NY-by-way-of Rhode Island four-piece just released their debut album, Not Without Work And Rest via Team Love Records.  Their rhythmic folk-driven and blues-informed brand of indie rock comes fully formed with a D.I.Y. punk spirit and some super-catchy melodies for a very promising debut.)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Show Alert: The Alkaline Trio & Bayside with Off With Their Heads at Newport in Columbus May 26

Chicago pop-punk veterans Alkaline Trio are currently on tour in support of their rock solid new album, My Shame Is True, released in April on Epitaph Records.  Their eighth album is highlighted by their trademark biting lyrics and sharp, anthemic hooks set to dark yet poppy melodies and propulsive punk rhythms for what could be considered their best, most consistent album yet. 
Touring with the Trio are like-minded passionate pop-punk purveyors Bayside, who recently released an EP of cover songs including the 60's girl-group classic, "Be My Baby" by The Ronnettes.  Fellow hardcore-leaning label mates Off With Their Heads are also on the bill. 
The three bands will take over the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH on Sunday May 26 for a sold out show. 

The rest of the tour dates including a 2-night hometown stand in Chicago at The Metro:
05/25/2013 - Water Street Music - Rochester, US 
05/26/2013 - Newport Music Hall - Columbus, US 
05/28/2013 - House of Blues - Cleveland, US 
05/29/2013 - Clutch Cargo's - Pontiac, US 
05/30/2013 – Metro - Chicago, US 
05/31/2013 – Metro - Chicago, US 
06/01/2013 - The Rave - Milwaukee, US 
06/02/2013 – Pops - St. Louis, US 
06/04/2013 - Exdo Event Center - Denver, US 
06/05/2013 - In The Venue - Salt Lake City, US 
06/07/2013 - Showbox Showroom - Seattle, US 
06/08/2013 - Hawthorne Theater - Portland, US 
06/09/2013 - The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, US 
06/11/2013 - House of Blues - West Hollywood, US 
06/12/2013 - House of Blues - Anaheim, US 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Duquette Johnston – “Rabbit Runs A Destiny” (The former Verbena frontman creates a soaring and sophisticated brand of Americana on his new album, Rabbit Runs A Destiny, out now on Communicating Vessels.  The danceable, percussion-heavy first single and title track stands out with weeping pedal steel, bouncy synths and rafters-reaching vocal melodies.)  

Christopher Paul Stelling – “Brick x Brick” (Gentle finger-picked guitars and heartfelt ballads combine with howling blues-drenched folk rock dust-ups on the Brooklyn based indie folk singer-songwriter’s stellar new album False Cities released this week on Mecca Lecca Recordings.)   


The Baptist Generals – “Dog That Bit You” (On the Sub Pop released Jackleg Devotional To The Heart - their decade-in-the-making sophomore album - the Denton, TX roots rock band returns to take on all things “love” in their own haunted folk-rock manner for a welcome yet more experimental return to form.)


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Multiple Cat - "The Return Of The Multiple Cat"

The Multiple Cat is the Quad Cities based indie-rock project of singer-songwriter and producer Patrick Stolley, who released a few criminally underappreciated albums in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Since then, Stolley began producing, mixing and engineering for Daytrotter, of which he was a founding member.  After years of recording other people’s music, he decided it was time to write, record and produce his long-awaited new album, the aptly-titled The Return Of The Multiple Cat, out now as a joint release between Guilt Ridden Pop Records and Stolley’s own imprint, Future Appletree.
 Fuzzy and jangly guitars and rich analog synths combine with his catchy melodies and quirky art-pop sense for a modern take on such retro-leaning sounds as scrappy 90’s indie rock and twee 60’s pop and the album opener, with its danceable and catchy keyboard melody “The Master’s Voice” is the perfect introduction.  Standout track and first single, “The Hill Part 1” follows and features a hip-shaking rhythm propelled by a fuzzed-out bass line and highlights Stolley’s voice which recalls Stuart Murdoch from Belle And Sebastian.  “The Other World” features jabs of reverb-rich guitars and a tumbling, tom-heavy beat while the album’s epic centerpiece, “The Flood” is made up of three parts; the first one led by a rumbling bass line and the second, more ominous with haunting melodies and soaring synths and the third, a revved-up send up with a joyous sing-along melody.  “Disaster!” is anything but with its room-filling vintage organ, jangly guitars and poppy melodies.  Another standout track, “Know Future, Know Past” features an instantly hummable guitar line and some visceral yet joyful sing-along lyrics of death and regret, likely influenced by the deaths of both of his parents during the album process.  “Vampire Bats/Mall Rats” is highlighted by a nervous energy, a propulsive rhythm and a fast-paced vocal cadence.  The too short eight-song album closes out with the intricate cyclical acoustic guitars and ethereal pedal steel of “The River”. 
The Multiple Cat has returned with a set of songs on their new album, The Return Of The Multiple Cat that are so solid it feels like they were never gone!

Stream/Download The Return Of The Multiple Cat here:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Friday: Paint Branch - "I Wanna Live"

Named after a stream that connects to a Maryland river, Paint Branch is the new project from John Davis (Title Tracks, Georgie James) and Chris Richards (Ris Paul Ric) formerly of defunct D.C. based post-punk favorites Q And Not U.  Their excellent debut album, I Wanna Live was self-released as a free digital download on their Bandcamp page this past January.  This new project marks the first time the two of them have played together since their breakup and offers a slight departure from Q’s danceable frenetic energy and punk spirit.  In its place are cascading guitars, 60’s pop vocal melodies and hints of 70’s classic rock and California folk-pop that falls more in line with their respective solo releases over the last few years. 

The opener, “Brighton Beach” features thumping drums, cyclical guitars and some close knit vocal harmonies.  The title track, “I Wanna Live” follows with an upbeat yet loping rhythm, jangly guitars and a bittersweet vocal melody.  “Run” is built on a sparkling guitar arpeggio with soaring harmonies that sounds like a long lost Elliott Smith outtake.  The piano-led “Take Your Time” is sung by Davis and stands out with dueling, FM radio-like guitar harmonies and a bright, catchy chorus.  The Richards-sung “Vanishing Act” stands out with a bouncy rhythm and steady acoustic guitar strumming.  Another standout on the twelve track album is “Witnesses” with its sly funk.                 
Since the demise of Q And Not U, Davis and Richards have certainly matured and with their latest project, they have proven that their songwriting has always been rock solid and it’s just great to hear them together again. 

Stream/Download I Wanna Live here:    

For more info:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

sami.the.great. – “Making Eyes” (The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sami Akbari, aka sami the great, is currently on tour supporting her excellent self-titled debut album released last year.  She will bring her indelible brand of Beatles and girl-group inspired indie-pop to Dayton’s Ghostlight Coffee on June 2.  Check out her standout new single here, with its chiming keyboards and Supreme-ly gorgeous harmonies.)

Lawnmower – “Team Spirit” (Led by singer/songwriter Travis Bravender, the Michigan based band offers up a nostalgic blend of catchy 90’s pop-punk and guitar-centric 90’s indie rock on their new EP, Whack Yer Brain, out now on Save Your Generation Records.)

Blank Realm – “Cleaning Up My Mess” (Australian psych-pop band makes their Fire Records debut with their refined new album, Go Easy, out now.  Jangly guitars soar in and out like shooting stars as the male/female vocals provide a staggering, sing-along melody on the blues-soaked single.)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Snowden - "No One In Control"

After a long wait of over a decade, Snowden finally returns today with their highly-anticipated new album, No One In Control, released via Kings Of Leon’s imprint, Serpents & Snakes.  Messy legal and label woes for frontman Jordan Jeffares led to the lengthy hiatus and while a lot has changed in the music scene over the last six years; luckily Snowden hasn’t changed much since their excellent 2006 Jade Tree Records debut, Anti-Anti.  Their nuanced, beat-driven brand of electro-rock with its hazy synths remains just as moody, catchy and danceable as ever.   
The haunting opening track, “No One In Control” builds gradually over its seven minute running time with hypnotic distorted keyboards that float over a pounding and clicking drum beat as singer Jordan Jeffares’ gloomy, emotional vocals provide the weight.  The infectious “So Red” follows and is built upon a hip-shaking tribal beat, a sing-along vocal chant and chiming synths.  And much like the best songs on Anti-Anti, Jordan’s rhythmic vocal phrasing propels the song just as much as the actual beat and the atmospheric standout track; “Anemone Arms” is a prime example.  The club-ready single, “The Beat Comes” opens gently with acoustic guitars and rafters-reaching organ before breaking loose with a shuffling rhythm.  Another standout track “Don’t Really Know Me” features ambient washes of reverb-rich guitars and a twitchy beat as well as a catchy self-depreciating chorus.  Also included is a dark and romantic cover of “No Words No More” by Love And Rockets.  Closing out the eleven track album is the bittersweet “This Year”, with its cascading guitars and echoing background vocals. 
The wait was well worth it, as Snowden has delivered the post-punk meets synth-pop goods with their long-awaited sophomore album, No One In Control.

Download “The Beat Comes” here:       

Friday, May 10, 2013

Free Friday: The Mohawk Lodge - "Damaged Goods"

The Mohawk Lodge, the Canadian indie rock band led by Ryder Havdale, just released Damaged Goods their fourth album, this week on White Whale Records.  The new album is available on shiny black vinyl and as a free download on their Bandcamp page.  
Havdale’s soulful Springsteen-tinged wail guides the ten punk-infused arena-worthy anthems that burn with a live intensity and a raw immediacy that came from recording live in the studio as a full band to capture the unbridled energy of their live show.  Standout tracks like the contrasting dissonant guitars and close-knit harmonies of the title track and the emotionally-charged “Using Your Love”, with its smoldering guitar solos and swaying sing-along, saloon-style chorus are tailor-made for late nights and long drives. 
Fans of The National, Arcade Fire and the Boss will instantly fall in love with Damaged Goods, the excellent new album from The Mohawk Lodge.

Download Damaged Goods here:  

For tour dates and more info: and

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

Ann Pragg – “Januarium” (Ann Pragg is the solo moniker of multi-instrumentalist Matt Radick of Holopaw.  His debut album, Bitter Fruit, was released this week via Wonderland Archives.  His murky brand of blues-soaked folk tries and fails to hide the layers of sparkling yet haunting pop beneath, especially on this upbeat, jangly second single.)   

Mother Falcon – “Dirty Summer” (The Austin 18-piece orchestral indie rock band released their epic new album, You Knew this week with the help from a successful Indiegogo campaign.  By combining elements of chamber-pop, anthemic early Arcade Fire-like folk and the infectious swirling horn melodies of Rubblebucket, Mother Falcon is one of the most thrilling and exciting bands you will hear and/or see all year!)

Way Yes – “Macando” (The Columbus, Ohio based band blends the danceable rhythms and sounds of Afro-pop along with jazz into their vividly colorful indie rock palate on their lushly layered and quirky debut full-length, Tog Pebbles, released this week on Lefse Records.)  

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Still Corners - "Strange Pleasures"

London electro-pop duo Still Corners released their stunning sophomore album, Strange Pleasures today on Sub Pop.  Together, songwriter and producer Greg Hughes blends his lush soundscapes with the gorgeous plush vocals of Tessa Murray to create an enigmatic synth-driven brand of dream-pop that is both modern and nostalgically tied to the 80’s.
Strange Pleasures opens with the trebly, winding guitars, stair-stepping synths and breathy vocals of “The Trip”.  “Beginning To Blue” follows with synths that stutter and glow fluorescently and are bolstered by a catchy sing-along chorus.  “I Can’t Sleep” is an ominous yet beautiful dirge-like ballad with ethereal synths and vocals.  “All I Know” features a subtly danceable beat with keys that ebb and flow like waves throughout the song.  The excellent first single from the album, “Fireflies” has all of the nostalgic 80’s touchstones like throbbing synth bass, glittering keys and an indelibly sweet vocal.  The second single “Berlin Lovers”, a tale of young love, stands out with an instantly catchy effervescent rhythm and Tessa’s airy vocals and is over long before you want it to be.  Another standout, “Future Age” is brimming with bright melodies, soaring space age synths and a tumbling beat.  As a change of pace, “Going Back To Strange” offers up some cyclical acoustic guitars, soaring synths and layers of vocals for a hazy, drifting dreamscape.  A pulsating synthetic bass line propels “Beatcity” along with its plinking video game sound effects and catchy vocals.  The aptly-titled “Midnight Drive” sounds like Depeche Mode cruising the neon-lit streets of Miami while listening to Duran Duran.  “We Killed The Moonlight” is a slow-burning ballad with haunting vocals and droning keyboards.  Closing out the twelve track album is the title track, “Strange Pleasures” which lives up to its billing with synths that float and soar over the robotic beat.
With their excellent new album, Strange Pleasures, Still Corners has bested their promising debut by a long shot and have delivered an album with tons of replay value.

Download “Berlin Lovers” here:        

For more info:

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

3 Songs: On Repeat

The Earth And Everything In It – “Future Fears” (New art-rock project led by singer-songwriter Yishai Mags blends cinematic post-rock soundscapes with touches of emo-tinged indie rock for an explosive and emotive experience on the Matt Goldman (Underoath, Anberlin) produced debut album, We Wander At Night, out now.)

Dead Ghosts – “Roky Said” (The Vancouver garage rock band just released their new album Can’t Get No this week via Burger Records.  Recorded onto an old Tascam 8-track in basements, bars and kitchens around their hometown, the album blends delirious psych-rock and reverb-rich 60’s pop with a care-free attitude that belies the heartbreak underneath.)   

My Epic – “Hail” (The atmospheric Christian metal band is set to release a new album this fall on Facedown Records.  “Hail” is the first taste of the album with its soaring vocals, charging drums and churning guitars that set the stage for the reverent and anthemic lyrics that are based off of chapter 5 in Revelation.)