Tuesday, November 13, 2012


JAN is the recording moniker for the new solo project of Kim Talon formerly of art-rock duo Talon & Eagle.  Her self-titled debut album was released today on Enclave Music and the nostalgia-laced guitar-led sound produced by John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, The Gossip) is built upon a foundation of 90’s indie guitar rock and riot grrl punk with a skewed yet highly melodic pop sense and Kim’s versatile voice.  The live band is rounded out by Chloe Saavedra of Smoosh and Melinda Parks (Har Mar Superstar).
The album opens with the stunning first single, “Work ForThe City” and its instantly catchy melodies and grunge-y guitar riffs.  “Some Bite/Some Bitten” follows with a crunchy guitar riff and a choppy rhythm along with some anthemic vocals.  “No Kind” effortlessly blends jangly 90’s college radio rock with a punk edge.  “Praline” opens with an alarming high-pitched guitar line and proceeds with a dual guitar attack as Kim’s lilting vocals float above the din.  Standout track “Act Like A Pantry” features a rumbling bass line and a simple yet effective ascending melody on the chorus and it ends with a dissonant recorder solo session.  “Cousins” trades in the soft/loud dynamic and ends with a caterwauling coda that leads into the mellower “All Of These Igloos” and its beautiful vocal melody and plucking piano.  Kim creates a noisey commotion on the aptly-titled single, “How To Beast” with its raging guitars and howling vocals.  While, the stark beauty of “Winter’s Got My Coat” stands out with some frenetic and screeching violin playing, churning guitars and some bittersweet vocal melodies.  “Red Crust Ow” explodes with dueling guitars and playful vocals.  The twelve track album closes with the broken-down guitars and haunting, breathy vocals of the languid “Ailing Ale” and the quiet, propulsive beauty of “Knit Stems”.          
Kim Talon has established herself as a strong voice in the indie scene and has thrown her hat into the ring of female guitar goddesses with her excellent debut album JAN.      


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