Wednesday, November 21, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

Gospel Claws – “Hambone” (The Tempe, AZ based indie rock band led by Joel Marquand formerly of Dear And The Headlights released their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Put Your Sunshine Away this week on Common Wall Media.  Produced by Bob Hoag and recorded live to 2” analog tape, the new album captures the band’s live energy, where dusty folk meets punk-inspired indie rock with sing-along vintage melodies that harken back to 60’s pop and 50’s doo wop.)

Jowls – “Cursed Ruins” (The noisy Grand Rapids, MI based hardcore band incorporates crazed screaming, aggressive blasts of dissonant guitar and violent rhythms that evoke 90’s legends Deadguy and Unwound on their visceral new EP Cursed, out now on Tiny Engines.)

Run , Forever – “Basement” (Mixing gritty punk with rootsy rock and elements of pop, the Pittsburgh trio have captured yet another set of dynamic and inspired anthems on their new album Settling, released this week on Tiny Engines.  For fans of The Menzingers and The Thermals.)


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