Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jason Lytle - "Dept. Of Disappearance"

Today Jason Lytle released Dept. Of Disappearance on Anti- Records, his second solo album since the 2006 breakup of his former band, Grandaddy and the first since his 2009 debut, Yours Truly, The Commuter which was an excellent return to form.  Lyrically, the new album is filled with the same images of loneliness, deserted mountains, and the contrast between technology and nature that have always been staples of Lytle’s lyrics.  Musically, keyboards whirr and gurgle alongside fuzzed-out bass and acoustic guitars but Jason’s subtle yet sticky melodies and stellar songwriting take the spotlight once again.
The title track “Dept. Of Disappearance” opens the album with soaring synths and chugging guitars set to a tale of loner escapism.  The standout first single, “Get Up And Go” features bubbly synths and an upbeat and affirming positive message.  On “Last Problem Of The Alps”, Jason creates a swirling, wind-swept symphony of synths that is transportive and immersive, like being stranded on the freezing cold Alps yourself.  The noir-ish and Cormac McCarthy-inspired “Your Final Setting Sun” would make the perfect soundtrack to a movie with its spy-themed synth and guitar lines.  Jason’s friends in the Swedish band Division Of Laura Lee played on the standout track which also has a cinematic video created by skateboarder and artist Mike Aho.  The 11-track closes out with the over 8-minute long “Gimme Click Gimme Grid” and its classic rock guitar solo and theatrical piano runs.
I am glad Jason Lytle hasn’t’ actually disappeared himself, because just like Grandaddy in their prime, he has hit his peak with his excellent new album Dept. Of Disappearance.   


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