Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

Wax Fang – “Mirror, Mirror” (The shredding title track to the Louisville-based duo’s new 4-song EP out now on Karate Body records comes just in time for Halloween, as they mix psych-pop along with darker elements into their cosmic brand of classic rock-leaning indie rock, which is bolstered by frontman Scott Carney’s soaring and anthemic croon.)      

Harouki Zombi – “Objet Petit A” (Harouki Zombi is the new art-pop DJ project from Orenda Fink of Azure Ray and Nina Barnes from Of Montreal who released their debut EP Objet Petit A on Polyvinyl last week.  The EP was produced by Orenda’s husband Todd Fink of The Faint and features a track written and produced by Nina’s husband Kevin Barnes.  The title track and single, is built on a danceable hip-hop inspired beat and some classic Casio synths on the “human voice” setting.  The EP also features two remixes of the single, one by Rewards and one by Deniallabs.)   

The Eeries – “Should’ve Stayed Home” (Sneering punk rock and 50’s rock-and-roll ethos collide with jangly 60’s pop on the Philadelphia-based garage-pop band’s debut album Home Alone, released last week on Evil Weevil Records.  They make catchy and scrappy anthems for “the greasers”, sounding like Nobunny fronting The Beatles!)    


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