Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Black Marble - "A Great Design" (Hot on the heels of their excellent debut EP Weight Against The Door, the NYC duo Chris Stewart and Ty Kube create dark 80's inspired neo-goth synth-pop with icy synths and baritone vocals that have a contrastingly organic vibe on their debut album A Different Arrangement, out now on Hardly Art.) 

2.  METZ - "Wet Blanket" (The Canadian post-hardcore power-trio brings Sub Pop back to their punk rock roots with their abusive and abrasive self-titled debut album out now on Sub Pop.   Slivers of subtle melodies exist under layers upon layers of headache-inducing distortion, noise and thundering drums.)

3.  The Calm Blue Sea - "Mary Ann Nichols" (After a lengthy departure, the Austin-based post-rock band announce the arrival of their sophomore album, Arrivals & Departures, out now on Modern Outsider Records.  Epic wide-screen cinematics and haunting beauty collide with heavy indie rock for a monumental headphones-worthy listening experience.)


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