Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Friday: Caspian - "Live At The Old South Church"

Boston-based instrumental post-rock band Caspian just released their third album, Waking Season this week on Triple Crown Records.  The new 10-song album was co-produced by Matt Bayles (Isis, Mastodon) and ups the ante for the genre with sweeping, wide-screen cinematics, heavy, distortion-fed dirges, beautiful sample-driven soundscapes and even vocals (a first for the band) for their best and most ambitious effort yet.

In celebration, the band is offering up a free download on Noisetrade of their live album, Live At The Old South Church, which was recorded in Boston in 2010 to benefit Amirah, a Boston non-profit organization dedicated to providing whole-person care for victims of human sexual trafficking. 

Download Live From The Old South Church here:

Stream the pretty and driving "Halls Of Summer" from Waking Season here:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Dum Dum Girls - "Lord Knows" (The romantically haunting first single taken from the atmospheric and altogether more poppy new 5-song EP End Of Daze which was released this week on Sub Pop.  Three of the songs come from the excellent Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes)-produced Only In Dreams sessions and includes a cover of Strawberry Switchblade's "Trees And Flowers".)   

2.  Sera Cahoone - "Naked" (The former drummer for Carissa's Weird and Band Of Horses released her long-awaited third solo album, Deer Creek Canyon, this week on Sub Pop.  Her warm and organic brand of  country-leaning folk rock is enhanced by the growth and maturity in her voice which proves to be the perfect vessel to carry the sentimental and nostalgic emotions found in this new set of songs.)

3.  Windsor Drive - "I Don't Feel It" (The Wisconsin-based indie-pop quartet self-released Wanderlust, their new EP this week and it is over-flowing with super-catchy anthems ready for radio domination that combine the best of the 80's synth pop and 90's brit-pop with a danceable modern edge.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dylan Mondegreen - "Dylan Mondegreen"

Dylan Mondegreen is the recording moniker for Norwegian indie-pop singer-songwriter Børge Sildnes, whose self-titled third album was released today on Shelflife Records.  His silky smooth voice and intricate chamber-pop arrangements have drawn comparisions to Sufjan Stevens and Jens Lekman.  The stunning new album, produced and mixed by the legendary Ian Catt (Saint Etienne) is his first to be released in the United States and his lush, gorgeous pop music should easily fill the void for all of those listeners still pining for the "non-electronic" Sufjan sound or for Belle And Sebastian's glory days.

The album opens with the soaring string section of "The Castaway" which hints at Belle And Sebastian-like twee but with a more sophisticated and personal edge.  "Come Tomorrow" follows with another impeccable arrangement, loaded to the top with a string ensemble, piano, acoustic guitar, woodwinds and synths along with a beautiful female vocal counterpart on the standout track.  "Life As A Father" features lilting lullaby-like melodies and touching lyrics on the ballad.  "The Heart Is A Muscle" is a soft rock strummer with chiming guitars, a walking bass line and a catchy chorus.  The first single, "It Takes Two" stands out with the upbeat and feel good vibe brought upon from the interplay between the violins and the instantly hummable real steel drum melody.  "Keeper Of Secrets" wraps you in a warm embrace of serene strings and clicking percussion and "You Make It Easy" is a jangle-pop delight with horns and a catchy, sing-along chorus.  The 9-track album closes with the nostalgic yet malancholic "Yesterday When I Was Young" and the 60's pop bounce and saxophone solo of "Tears All Over Town".

Dylan Mondegreen has flown under the radar here in the States but his new self-titled album is a pop masterpiece with emotion and melody to spare and should give him the exposure he so rightly deserves.

Download "It Takes Two" here (for the price of an email):


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Big Scary - "Gladiator" (Epic new single from the Australian duo of Tom Iansek and Joanna Syme is a study in duality with a stop/start rhythm, a loud/soft dynamic and male/female vocals.  Taken from their critically-acclaimed new album Vacation, released in the States this week on their own Pieater imprint.)


2.  Lymbyc Systym - "Prarie School" (The Bell brothers made their return this week with Symbolyst, their new album released on Western Vinyl.  The new set of songs are their funkiest and most melodic yet, including the effervescent and danceable first single with its gurgling bass and glitchy beat.  Catch them on tour now with Zammuto.)


3.  Niki & The Dove - "DJ, Ease My Mind (Twin Shadow Remix)" (To celebrate their current North American tour in support of their excellent Sub Pop-released debut album, Intinct, the Swedish dance-pop duo invited like-minded producer and tour mate Twin Shadow to put his blissed out and spacey spin on their most recent single.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Band Of Horses - "Mirage Rock"

Band Of Horses return with Mirage Rock, their highly-anticipated fourth album, out today on Brown/Columbia Records.  Singer/guitarist Ben Bridwell brought in legendary producer Glyn Johns (The Beatles, The Who) to oversee the sessions which were mostly recorded live and really shows that the lineup, which includes Bill Reynolds, Tyler Ramsey, Ryan Monroe and Creighton Barrett is a band at the top of their game.

The arena-sized first single, "Knock, Knock" opens the album with some instantly catchy Beach Boys-esque melodies, handclaps and power-pop prowess.  The earnest and honest "How To Live" follows with a driving rhythm and the close knit homespun harmonies you have come to expect from the band.  "Slow Cruel Hands Of Time" slows down the pace with soaring harmonies for an organ-drenched country-leaning tune.  "A Little Biblical" stands out with its bouncing rhythm and super-catchy melodies.  "Shut-In Tourist" features cyclical cascading guitars and a repetitive, sing-along refrain.  Another standout, "Dumpster World" begins with braided CSNY-like harmonies that lead into a head-banging rock session to end the song.  "Electric Music" is a front porch southern rock anthem with a shuffling beat and honky tonk piano that will just slay live.  "Everything's Gonna Be Undone" features gorgeous, around-the-campfire harmonies.  Crashing cymbals announce the arrival of the propulsive rocker, "Feud".  The eleven-track album closes out with the loping and lovelorn "Long Vows" and the string-leaden and melancholic yet hopeful "Heartbreak On The 101".

Immediately memorable and with a sense of urgency, Mirage Rock does not dissapoint and further cements Band Of Horses as an indie rock powerhouse once again. 

For more info:             

Monday, September 17, 2012

MP3 PREMIERE: Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire - "Buddy" taken from their new album, Zileur (Mi-Mi-Mo-Mo)

The Brooklyn-via-Pittsburgh indie art-rock quintet Ball of Flame Shoot Fire made some of the best, most unclassifiable, and quirkiest art-pop on their experimental 2011 sophomore album, Pots And Knives, which also made Atlas and the Anchor's Top 10 Albums list that year.  And now they are set to self- release their new album, Zileur (Mi-Mi-Mo-Mo) tomorrow and we are thrilled to premiere their new single, "Buddy".

The excellent new album replaces the experimental electronics of the last album for a warmer vibe that better captures their live sound.  They have also switched out some of the funk-laced Talking Heads-like grooves for a more organic Lindsay Buckingham-like singer-songwriter sound, all while still retaining their weird yet rewarding arrangements and melodies. 

The skroky saxophones and trumpets and infectiously catchy and soulful chorus of the standout first single, "Bad Thing" opens the album with a sly come-on.  "Buddy" follows with weird washes of ambient sounds and a loose, tumbling drumbeat along with some of vocalist Jess Tambellini’s most wobbly vocals before the horns turn up to end the song triumphantly.  The aptly-titled "Crunch Beans = Good Steppin'" features slide guitar and lets the organ and horns drive the bouncing rhythm.  Another standout, "Trish" sounds like the deconstruction of Randy Newman if he were a lounge singer with a chip on his shoulder.  The loping "Ed" is country & western as can only be imagined by BOFSF.  "The Curse" stands out as well with chugging accordion and the most straight-forward homespun vocal performance on the album, complete with doo-wop background vocals.  The eleven-track album closes out with the aching horns of the slow waltzing "The Old Ballad Singers" and the off-key howling vocals and humorous lyrics of "Gregorio" that just beg for you to sing along. 

Ball Of Flame Shoots Fire's unique brand of off-kilter art-pop and Tambellini's distinct voice may not be for everyone and that is just fine.  But given a chance, the intriguing and eclectic set of songs on Zileur (Mi-Mi-Mo-Mo), will be your new favorite too.   

Download "Buddy" here:

Download "The Curse" here:

For more info or to pre-order the album:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Free Friday: Silversun Pickups - Live Tour Sampler EP

Silversun Pickups, who just released their critically-acclaimed new album, Neck Of the Woods, are set to headline a tour this fall along with Cloud Nothings, School Of Seven Bells and Atlas Genius.  In anticipation, they have released a 4-song digital tour sampler EP as a free download on their website that features one live track from each band on the tour.


1. Silversun Pickups - "The Pit" (Live from their recent Letterman performance)
2. Atlas Genius - "Trojans" (Live at Crown City Studios)
3. School Of Seven Bells -  "White Wind" (Taken from their FOR ONE ONE Live Session)
4. Cloud Nothings - "Stay Useless" (Live at their hometown show at Cleveland's Grog Shop)


For tour dates and more info: and and and

Thursday, September 13, 2012

These Hearts - "Elephant In The Room" EP

The Christian pop-core group These Hearts are set to take the torch from their Victory Records label mates Taking Back Sunday and A Day To Remember with their new EP Elephant In The Room.  The new 5-track EP features an anthemic and heavy, breakdown-filled new song "The Inconvenience" as well as a special re-recording and an acoustic version of "Denial Isn't Just A River In Egypt", one of the stand out tracks on their stellar Craig Owens-produced debut album, Forever Ended Yesterday, released last year.  Rounding out the digital EP are acoustic versions of the uplifting "Live To The Point Of Tears" and the emotional and hopeful new song, "His Angel Back".

In conjunction with the release of the Elephant In The Room EP, These Hearts have unveiled a fun new video for "Denial Isnt' Just A River In Egypt" here:     

For more info: and

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Rubblebucket - "(Focus) Oversaturated" (The Brooklyn octet just released their new EP Oversaturated this week on the heels of their excellent 2011 debut album Omega La La.  The 5 track EP perfetly captures their unique horn-filled and fun live energy with additional electronic flourishes and some gigantic, sing-along hooks.  Catch them on tour now with the equally exuberant Reptar.)  


2.  The Raveonettes - "She Owns The Streets" (The Danish duo has just released their sixth album, Observator this week on Vice Records.  Beautiful and bleak, the new album was equally inspired by the Los Angeles sun and The Doors and replaces the synths of their last album for the layers of guitars that originally became their calling card for yet another great album in their growing catalog.)


3.  Modern Skirts - "Tennessee" (No, this isn't a cover of the 90's hip-hop hit by Arrested Development but it is a new track from the Athens, GA indie-pop band to tide us over as they are in between albums.  The subdued and melancholic tune features foreboding piano and some gorgeous vocal melodies.  They also have recently released a Daytrotter session.)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Helio Sequence - "Negotiations"

The Helio Sequence return after a four year wait with their highly-anticipated fifth album Negotiations out this week on Sub Pop.  The studio-proficient duo of Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel create a unique brand of beat-driven indie rock with hypnotic synths and 80's-informed melodies and this time around have taken to analog equipment and the results are richer, warmer and larger which suits their sound well. 

The humming "One More Time" opens the album with a wide-open reverb-rich sound reminiscent of The Walkmen.  The first single, "October" follows with a festival of transfixing shimmering synth patterns, ringing guitars and an infectious sing-along chorus.  "Downward Spiral" features a fast paced yet danceable beat along with cosmic synths and squiggly guitar arpeggios.  "The Measure" stands out with tumbling drums, soaring synths and emotional vocal melodies.  The second single taken from the album, "Hall Of Mirrors" features cascading cyclical guitars and some Tears For Fears-like melodies for another standout moment.  The aching and melancholic "Harvester Of Souls" provides a change of pace in the album's middle.  The stuttering beat and interplay between the slowly building synths and guitars on "Open Letter" provide a dreamy landscape to get lost in.  Another standout, "When The Shadow Falls" is a bouncy track with sweeping synths and background vocals.  And the eleven track album closes out with the swirling guitars of the meditative title track, "Negotiations".

If you pre-order Negotiations direct from Sub Pop (or select indie retailers), it comes with an additional disc, Aces, which is meant to be played alongside the album for a unique listening experience.        

Download "Hall Of Mirrors" here:

For more info: and

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  California Wives - "Purple" (The Chicago band made their much anticipated full length debut this week with Art History, out now on Vagrant Records.  They mix shimmering guitars and synths with smooth vocal melodies and bass guitar-led rhythms for a new take on New Wave.  Catch them on the road with the like-minded Stars.) 


2.  Cat Power - "Cherokee" (New single from her highly-anticipated new album Sun, out now on Matador.  Chan ditches the smoky, horn-filled blues and R&B of The Greatest and reinvents her sound slightly, using synths and drum machines to create the soundtracks that showcase her beautiful voice this time around. And to great success!)


3.  Crypts - "Fancy" (The Seattle based electronic band is comprised of vocalist Steve Snere formerly of These Arms Are Snakes, programmer Bryce Brown and visual artist Nick Bartoletti.  Their self-titled debut album is out now on Sargent House Records and is filled with thick droning noise, abrasive synths, howling vocals and contrasting hip-hop inspired beats for the perfect soundtrack to your next nightmare!)


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Two Gallants - "The Bloom And The Blight"

Two Gallants return from a five year hiatus with The Bloom And The Blight, their highly anticipated new album and their debut for nerw label ATO Records.  The duo of Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel have always created a unique punk-infused brand of blues and folk rock with mostly acoustic instruments but for the new John Congleton (The Walkmen, St. Vincent)-produced album, they have plugged in the guitars for their most intense, emotional and thrilling set of songs yet.  

The thundering drums and sludge thick guitars of opener "Halcyon Days", provides the perfect introduction to their more abrasive sound, while also perfectly capturing their live energy.  The electrified music of "Song Of Songs" with its tumbling drums, matches the emotional intensity of Adam Stephens' vocals.  The bluesy swagger of the single, "My Love Won't Wait" stands out with a churning and crashing loud/soft dynamic and an infectiously unhinged chorus.  The first single, "Broken Eyes" is more acoustic-based with a bouncy folk-driven vocal cadence along with harmonica and some close knit harmonies.  The anthemic "Ride Away" crashes back in with cascading guitars and aching, soul-baring vocals.  To showcase their softer side, ethereal cello highlights the dreamy ballad "Decay" which was written by Tyson Vogel, a first on a Two Gallants album.  A cyclical acoustic guitar figure opens "Winter's Youth" before erupting into a storm of howling vocals and grungy guitars.  Another standout, "Willie" shows their almost supernatural ability to craft their own songs to sound like traditional folk songs that sound instantly memorable and familiar at the same time.  And the album closes out with "Cradle Pyre" its off-kilter rhythm and the soothing, gently picked guitars of "Sunday Souvenirs".           

The Bloom And The Blight is the album Two Gallants fans have been waiting for, the raw energy of their live show coupled with the intensity of the electric arrangements makes for their best album yet.

Download "My Love Won't Wait" here:

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