Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Niki & The Dove - "Instinct"

Finally!  After the stateside release of their single, "The Fox" and their digital EP The Drummer, the Swedish synth-pop duo Niki & The Dove are set to release their debut album Instinct, out today on Sub Pop.  Singer Malin Dahlström and producer Gustaf Karlöf make dance music for the indie-informed with wild tribal beats, 80's-inspired synths, cathartic vocals and a tug-and-pull between light and dark melodies.     

The album opens with new single, "Tomorrow" that begins with stair-stepping synths before building to a big, cloud-parting chorus.  "The Drummer" which was the title track to the digital EP released last fall is included with it's pulsing rhythm and infectious refrain.  In fact, three other tracks, "Last Night", Mother Protect" and "Manon" are included from The Drummer EP, slightly remixed and re-tuned.  One of the new songs, "In Your Eyes" is a perfect slice of shimmering 80's-indebted dance-pop without even a stitch of pastiche.  The chanting, Bjork-like vocals of standout track "Gentle Roar" are set to a plunging bass-heavy beat and superstitious lyrics.  The band's 2010 debut single "DJ, Ease My Mind" is also included in all of it's swirling tribal rhythm glory.  Another new song, "Winterheart" stands out with a reggae-like beat set to icy synths that sounds like what Reggae music would have sounded like if it came from Antarctica instead of Jamaica.  The soaring chorus and liberating lyrics of "The Fox", which was also released as a 12" single last year, is included and takes this set of songs from great to extraordinary.  After premiering on The Fox single with a live version, the studio version of "Somebody" is included on the album with its glittering synths, funky bass line and sweet melodies.  And the buzzing and disjointed "Under The Bridges" closes out the album with its nostalgia-laced lyrics.  Also, included on the CD version of the album are two unreleased tracks, the upbeat and propulsive "The Beach" and the anthemic and electric "All This Youth".   

Niki & The Dove and their stunning debut Instinct represents the future of pop music...and the future looks bright!

Download "DJ, Ease My Mind" here: http://assets3.subpop.com/assets/audio/12061.mp3

Download "The Fox" here: http://assets1.subpop.com/assets/audio/9372.mp3

For more info: http://www.nikiandthedove.com/ and www.subpop.com


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