Wednesday, August 01, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Junk Culture - "Oregon" (Deepak Mantena who records as Junk Culture released Wild Quiet, his highly-anticipated full-length debut album this week on Illegal Art, home to Girl Talk.  Samples abound but are not the primary focus this time around as he has added shoegazey guitars and cosmic synths to his unique brand of off-kilter pop which is set to his disjointed yet danceable beats.)


2.  Southeast Engine - "Old Oak Tree" (On the heels of the Ohio folk-rock band's highly-praised 2011 album Canary, comes a new collection of songs, the Canaanville EP, which was recorded during the same sessions and continues with the Appalachian narrative.  Out now on Misra Records, the 4-song digital only EP can be ordered with a new t-shirt design also as a "T-Shirt Album".  The infectious lead-off track features the Remnant's brotherly harmonies and a nursery rhyme-like sing-along chorus.)   


3.  The Black Swans - "Portsmouth, Ohio" (The Columbus, Ohio-based folk band returns with their excellent fifth album, Occasion For Song, out now on Misra Records. On the emotional first single, singer Jerry DeCicca describes with vivid detail the loss of violinist Noel Sayre in 2008 during a swimming accident and the rest of the album deals with his loss and his memory in an unflinching and visceral way that is humbling yet also hopeful.)



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