Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Coke Weed X - "Bearcat" (Coke Weed X is the new instrumental project from brothers Brian and Brendan Costello of Lawrence indie rock band Fourth Of July.  Their self-titled debut is out now on Range Life Records and combines sample-based electronica with post-rock grooves and indie rock aesthetics for the perfect soundtrack to almost everything!  For fans of Boards Of Canada and TV Girl.)


2.  Poor Moon - "Birds" (After making their debut with the release of their Illusion EP this past March, the new project from Christian Wargo and Casey Westcott of Fleet Foxes released their self-titled debut album this week on Sub Pop.  "Birds", the soaring closing track is a perfect representation of the album as it is made up of 60's inspired psych-folk with warm, close knit vocal harmonies and a lush arrangement.)


3.  Daughn Gibson - "Reach Into The Fire" (The songwriter sets his deep baritoned crooning to sample-based soundscapes that incorporates everything from blues to dusty country with a punk rock spirit on his highly-praised debut album All Hell, released on White Denim Records earlier this year.  To celebrate his recent signing to Sub Pop, he has released a stunning new track that samples tracks from his new label mates Shabazz Palaces and Tiny Vipers.)


Friday, August 24, 2012

Show Alert: The Black Swans - Occasion For Song Record Release Show

The Black Swans, the Columbus, Ohio based country-leaning folk band will be playing a hometown show tonight at The Rumba Cafe to celebrate the release of Occasion For Song, their critically-acclaimed new album out now on Misra Records.  Their excellent fifth album deals with death in an unflinching and visceral way that is humbling yet hopeful and incredibly tuneful. 

Download the emotional first single, "Portsmouth, Ohio" in which singer Jerry DeCicca describes with vivid detail the loss of violinist Noel Sayre in 2008 during a swimming accident here:

For more info and directions to The Rumba Cafe click here:

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Natural Child - "Mother Nature's Child" (The Nashville-based garage/classic rock band's hazy Neil Young-sounding new track (complete with grungy guitar solo) taken from their 7" out this week on Jeffery Drag Records was released in anticipation of their third album, Hard In Heaven, due next month on Burger Records.)


2.  Denver - "The Way It Is" (New project that features Eric Earley and Michael Van Pelt of Blitzen Trapper and members of Alela Diane's Wild Divine have fashioned their own unique brand of dusty, saloon-worthy classic country & western on their ramblin' self-titled debut album which was released last week on Mama Bird Recording Co.)


3.  White Violet - "Lays Around Lazy" (After releasing two albums under his own name and touring as a member of Maria Taylor's band, Athens, GA based singer-songwriter Nate Nelson released his new album Hiding, Mingling last week on Normaltown Records, with his new band White Violet.  The album was produced by Andy LeMaster and the first single boasts jangly guitars and heavenly vocals from Maria Taylor, while the album features 10 tracks of lushly arranged and moody guitar-led dream-pop.)    


Monday, August 20, 2012

Show Review: Mumford & Sons at LC Pavillion, Columbus 08/14/2012

When you get the opportunity to see a band live who is about to release one of the most anticipated albums of the year, you don’t pass it up.  And you hope they play just enough new material to build the anticipation of the new album, as well as plenty of old songs so you can sing along.  Does that sound like the perfect concert? 

Well, Mumford & Sons did not disappoint.  Playing to an over-packed pavilion in Columbus, Ohio, they showcased their talents in a way that made their studio recorded album bow down to their live show in unworthy shame!  Showcasing their talents as multi-instrumentalists, the band members switched between instruments throughout the show, proving that elaborate stage setups and other "rock show" tropes are not needed to put on a memorable concert.  They introduced new songs from their upcoming album, Babel, due for release on September 25th, with one of them being their newly released single “I Will Wait”.  They also pretty much played their entire debut album Sigh No More.  This is one band worth traveling to go see and if they are playing near you, don’t think about going...just GO!

"You will pray to the God that you always denied" – Mumford & Sons - "Dust Bowl Dance"

VIDEO: “The Cave” Live @ the LC in Columbus

For more info and to pre-order the new album, Babel click here:

Review, Photography and Video by guest contributor Jesse Jackson.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Show Alert: The Mitchell's at Canal Street Tavern

Up and coming Cincinnati folk rock/chamber pop band The Mitchell's will be playing their first show in Dayton this Saturday night at Canal Street Tavern. The band is currently playing shows in anticipation of the release of their as yet untitled debut EP. Also playing on Saturday is the band Noah Wotherspoon And The Rescue Radio.

Go check them out! There might even be a moose...

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Friday - Tough Guys Of America - "Tough Guys Of America" EP

The Belgrade-based lo-fi punk/pop quartet Tough Guys Of America have recently released their self-titled debut EP as a free download on their Bandcamp page.  Seeking a new creative outlet after playing in heavier punk bands they shifted to the lighter, more melodic side of punk when they formed in 2011.        

The 3-song EP opens with the surf-rock jangle of "Jersey Shore" and the single, "SALE" follows with reverb-rich vocals and switches out the slam-dancing for a hip-shaking beach-blanket rhythm.  "Giants" which is longer than the last two songs combined features winding, trance-inducing guitars and a percussion-heavy beat to close out the impressive debut EP. 

Download the self-titled EP:

Download "SALE" here:

For more info:

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Redd Kross - "Researching The Blues" (After a 15 year hiatus, the punk and power-pop kings return to reclaim their crown with their new album Researching The Blues out this week on Merge Records.  The super-charged first single, and title track opens the album with fuzzy guitars including not one but two blazing guitar solos and more hooks than a hardware store.  It's like they never left!)


2.  Fergus & Geronimo - "No Parties" (For their new album, Funky Was The State Of Affairs, out now on Hardly Art, the duo adds in bratty punk, British invasion, funky clavinet and saxophone and hilarious lyrics about Roman Numerals and aliens to the R&B-influenced sound that made up their excellent debut.)   


3.  Stagnant Pools - "Dead Sailor" (The Bloomington duo of brothers, Bryan and Douglass Enas have released their debut album Temporary Room this week on Polyvinyl.  With just drums and guitar that ranges in sound from thin, elastic and Joy Division-like to fuller, fuzzed out Sonic Youth-like outbursts, they create an intriguing art-rock sound.)


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Niki & The Dove - "Instinct"

Finally!  After the stateside release of their single, "The Fox" and their digital EP The Drummer, the Swedish synth-pop duo Niki & The Dove are set to release their debut album Instinct, out today on Sub Pop.  Singer Malin Dahlström and producer Gustaf Karlöf make dance music for the indie-informed with wild tribal beats, 80's-inspired synths, cathartic vocals and a tug-and-pull between light and dark melodies.     

The album opens with new single, "Tomorrow" that begins with stair-stepping synths before building to a big, cloud-parting chorus.  "The Drummer" which was the title track to the digital EP released last fall is included with it's pulsing rhythm and infectious refrain.  In fact, three other tracks, "Last Night", Mother Protect" and "Manon" are included from The Drummer EP, slightly remixed and re-tuned.  One of the new songs, "In Your Eyes" is a perfect slice of shimmering 80's-indebted dance-pop without even a stitch of pastiche.  The chanting, Bjork-like vocals of standout track "Gentle Roar" are set to a plunging bass-heavy beat and superstitious lyrics.  The band's 2010 debut single "DJ, Ease My Mind" is also included in all of it's swirling tribal rhythm glory.  Another new song, "Winterheart" stands out with a reggae-like beat set to icy synths that sounds like what Reggae music would have sounded like if it came from Antarctica instead of Jamaica.  The soaring chorus and liberating lyrics of "The Fox", which was also released as a 12" single last year, is included and takes this set of songs from great to extraordinary.  After premiering on The Fox single with a live version, the studio version of "Somebody" is included on the album with its glittering synths, funky bass line and sweet melodies.  And the buzzing and disjointed "Under The Bridges" closes out the album with its nostalgia-laced lyrics.  Also, included on the CD version of the album are two unreleased tracks, the upbeat and propulsive "The Beach" and the anthemic and electric "All This Youth".   

Niki & The Dove and their stunning debut Instinct represents the future of pop music...and the future looks bright!

Download "DJ, Ease My Mind" here:

Download "The Fox" here:

For more info: and

Friday, August 03, 2012

Free Friday: Deep Elm Records - "Postrockology" Compilation

Deep Elm Records who with bands like Brandtson and The Appleseed Cast, helped put "emo" on the map in the late 90's is still quietly churning out great music out of Hawaii, formerly North Carolina.  Over the years though, their roster of bands has grown and evolved and they have now built an impressive roster of post-rock bands that are following in the footsteps of The Appleseed Cast.

To bring you up to speed, Deep Elm is giving away Postrockology a free digital compilation that celebrates their history and the future of post-rock that includes two Appleseed classics and a host of mind-blowing tracks from bands like, Coma Recovery who contributes "Red Lightning Child/Great Emptiness", the churning opening track to their powerful latest album, Goddverb.  Swedish instrumental imports Moonlit Sailor also include their massively epic track "1994".  Another great track from a few years back, comes from Moving Mountians and their massively moving, "8105".  And Athletics provides another standout moment on the 12 track collection, with their shimmering track, "Why Aren't I Home?", the band has also recently released a stripped-down EP of pretty piano versions of four of the already cinematic tracks from the album Why Aren't I Home?

Stream/Download here:    

For more info:

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Junk Culture - "Oregon" (Deepak Mantena who records as Junk Culture released Wild Quiet, his highly-anticipated full-length debut album this week on Illegal Art, home to Girl Talk.  Samples abound but are not the primary focus this time around as he has added shoegazey guitars and cosmic synths to his unique brand of off-kilter pop which is set to his disjointed yet danceable beats.)


2.  Southeast Engine - "Old Oak Tree" (On the heels of the Ohio folk-rock band's highly-praised 2011 album Canary, comes a new collection of songs, the Canaanville EP, which was recorded during the same sessions and continues with the Appalachian narrative.  Out now on Misra Records, the 4-song digital only EP can be ordered with a new t-shirt design also as a "T-Shirt Album".  The infectious lead-off track features the Remnant's brotherly harmonies and a nursery rhyme-like sing-along chorus.)   


3.  The Black Swans - "Portsmouth, Ohio" (The Columbus, Ohio-based folk band returns with their excellent fifth album, Occasion For Song, out now on Misra Records. On the emotional first single, singer Jerry DeCicca describes with vivid detail the loss of violinist Noel Sayre in 2008 during a swimming accident and the rest of the album deals with his loss and his memory in an unflinching and visceral way that is humbling yet also hopeful.)