Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Passion Pit - "Gossamer"

Synth-pop maestro Michael Angelakos returns with Passion Pit's highly-anticipated new album Gossamer, out today on Columbia Records.  Again, Angelakos wrote and played everything on the album and turns his anguish and pain into 12 more saccharine-sweet dance-pop anthems. 

The album opens with lead single, "Take A Walk" and its thick stomping beat and lyrics about his Greek heritage, which is not exactly the song I would've chosen to represent this new set of songs.  In fact, "Carried Away" is a much more catchy song with bouncing 80's-inspired synths and an ear-worming, sing-along refrain that rivals his biggest hit, "Sleepyhead".  Another great choice would have been "Cry Like A Ghost" which is a thumping, club-banger with a hip-hop beat and an infectious chorus.  Either way, the album as a whole is solid and sparkles even brighter and poppier than its predecessor, Manners.  Other standouts include the choppy rhythm and dreamy synths of "I'll Be Alright" and the soul-drenched vocals and smoothed over R&B grooves of "Constant Conversation".      

Gossamer was well worth the wait and sharply avoids the sophomore slump and I wish Michael well with his battle with bi-polar disorder that has recently caused him to cancel some shows.

For more info:  http://www.passionpitmusic.com/home


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