Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Dope Body - "Lazy Slave" (The Baltimore-based 4-piece create a spastic and sludgy brand of post-punk that incorporates noisy guitar outbursts, crazed vocals and off-kilter groove-orientated rhythms for a unique sound like Henry Rollins fronting the Melvins on their sophomore album Natural History out now on Drag City.)


2.  JBM - "Winter Ghosts" (Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jesse Marchant possesses a haunting and engaging voice not unlike Bon Iver and the wind-whipped, desolate sonics of his sophomore album Stray Ashes, out now on Western Vinyl, make for an album meant for headphones and introspection.) 


3. Airiel - "Flashlight Tag" (The lush and gauzy layers of guitars on the dream-pop band's excellent new 4-song EP Kid Games, out now on Shelflife Records, are met with danceable beats, soaring synths and nostalgia-laced lyrics.)



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