Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great Apes - "Sam's Song" 7"

Great Apes is the new project from singer/guitarist Brian Moss formerly of the Chicago-based post-punk band The Ghost.  After The Ghost disbanded, Moss stretched his legs in the folk and country-leaning project Hanalei for a while but now returns to his more passionate and intense punk rock roots with the nostalgia-laced skate punk of Great Apes whose excellent debut 7" Sam's Song is out today on Say-10 Records.  The single includes the surging and anthemic A-side, "Sam's Song" which re-introduces you to his distinct, gruff yet melodic voice.  The B-side, "It's A Trans' World" is a politically-charged 3-chord punk anthem complete with fist-pumping sing-along chorus.  The digital download of the 7" is included with purchase and includes a third song, the bouncy pop-punk of "Detonator". 

The songs on the Sam's Song single come from a seven-song session recorded in December of 2011 with producer Ryan Massey that will be split up into 3 different 7" single releases.  So look for more Great Apes music this Summer!

Stream a 3 track samper of the session including, "Sam's Song" here: http://greatapes.bandcamp.com/

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Great-Apes/197522766981394 and http://say10.limitedrun.com/products/500172-great-apes-sams-song-7-preorder-4-24-street-date


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