Friday, March 16, 2012

Free Friday: Swimwear - "The Kissing Machine" EP

Swimwear is the solo project of Tim Derricourt of the Australian indie-pop band Dappled Cities.  His debut EP The Kissing Machine released in February, is filled to the brim with sparkling 80's-inspired dance music and the pop hooks you would expect. 

The 4-song EP opens with the infectious disco beat of "Nowhere To Run" followed by the delirious and delicious dance party on "Knocks".  Mixing live instruments like guitars with synths and drum machines, Tim blends the organic with the electronic on the bouncy and swirling "Highs And Lows".  The closing track, "Easy High" features breezy surf rock guitars, a hip-hop beat and some Morrisey-like vocals.

The Dappled Cities haven't released an album since 2009 but promise one by the end of this year.  This EP by Derricourt definitely softens the blow but only heightens the anticipation...      

Download The Kissing Machine EP here:

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