Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Spoek Mathambo - "Put Some Red On It" (For Father Creeper, his second album and first for Sub Pop, the Johannesburg born Spoek Mathambo is leading a band and has blended electro-rock, grimey rap, post-dubstep and more for a hybrid sound that is truly next level and just as varied as his home country's various cultures.)


2.  Bishop Morocco - "Old Boys" (The synth-laden title track from the Toronto-based duo-now quartet's new 6-song EP out now on Arts & Crafts features new romantic melodies along with the newly added guitars and drums of members Ian Worang and John McCann, for a fuller and more richly textured sound.)  


3.  Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives - "It All Comes Right" (Currently on tour with The Head And The Heart, the passionate, stomping gospel-soaked garage rock from the Portland band's debut hits all the right notes, just like the sweeping closing track featured here.)

Download: (click through)


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