Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Band Of Skulls - "Sweet Sour"

Band Of Skulls return with Sweet Sour, their sophomore album and first for Vagrant Records today on iTunes and everywhere else next week.  The Southhampton trio create an exciting blend of 70's-style psychdelics and stomping stoner rock riffs with pop-leaning choruses and some blues rock boogie for a larger than life arena-rock sound.

The album opens with the churning title track and first single, "Sweet Sour" with its murky bottom end, fluttering guitar fills and tight vocal harmonies.  The aptly titled "Bruises" follows with a heavy stomping riff, a quiet/loud dynamic and the dual male/female vocals of bassist Emma Richardson and guitarist Russell Marsden.  "Wanderluster" features a buzzing guitar and a creative time signature that deviates from the straight-forward rock beats.  Standout track "The Devil Takes Care Of His Own" is highlighted by a crunchy, fuzzed-out blues rock riff that would make Jack White blush.  "Lay My Head Down" slows down the pace with acoustic guitars and blacklight-drenched harmonies for a bit of classic rock balladry complete with a melodic bluesy guitar solo.  Russell takes the lead on vocals for "You're Not Pretty But You Got It Goin' On"; an arena-ready slice of blues rock swagger.  "Navigate" and "Hometowns" are two more ballads with swirling melodies and cyclical acoustic guitars with the focus on the duo's vocal prowess.  "Lies" is a two and half minute burst of heavy psych-rock that leads into album closer, "Close To Nowhere" which is the perfect heart-tugging emotional comedown from the powerful songs that came before. 

Download the title track "Sweet Sour" here:


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