Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Friday: Issac Joel - "Back To Bassics" EP

Isaac Joel Karns of indie psych-pop band The Pomegranates has just released a 6-track solo EP titled, Back To Bassics, as a free download on his Bandcamp page.  Recorded with only his bass guitar (hence the title) and his voice, the EP is filled with very textural, ambient and experimental music that still retains the pop-leaning psychedelic charm of The Poms. 

The single, "If I Hear Music" settles into a propulsive groove with wispy and swirling melodies meant for a long drive alone.  Another standout track, the atmospheric "Selflessness" envelopes you in hazy layers of vocals with a jumpy bass line.  The eight and a half minute track "Walk Around The Lake" features tender vocals contrasting with a fuzzed-out bass riff and an intriguing meditative doo-wop passage to end the song.  The EP closes with a dream-pop take on the Everly Brothers' classic hit "All I Have To Do Is Dream", with guest vocals from fellow Cincinnati-based musician Ben Burroughs.    

Download the Back To Bassics EP here:

And look for cassettes copies at the merch table at the upcoming Pomegranates shows!

For more info:


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