Monday, January 30, 2012

Premiere: Night Genes - "Soaring Through The Chromosomes" Single

Atlas and the Anchor is pleased to premiere an exclusive download of "Soaring Through The Chromosomes", the new single from Night Genes, the dark folk-pop project of the world-traversing songwriter Eric Ingersoll. 

Taken from their excellent sophomore album Like The Blood, due to be released tomorrow, the infectious track features pounding parlour piano boosted by Ingersoll's booming baritone that rivals that of only Matt Berninger of The National.  Keyboardist/vocalist Amy Foote's joyous and lilting vocal melodies provide a colorful contrast to Eric's deep and weighty vocals on the bouyant standout track.    

Download "Soaring Through The Chromosomes" Single here:

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Friday: Issac Joel - "Back To Bassics" EP

Isaac Joel Karns of indie psych-pop band The Pomegranates has just released a 6-track solo EP titled, Back To Bassics, as a free download on his Bandcamp page.  Recorded with only his bass guitar (hence the title) and his voice, the EP is filled with very textural, ambient and experimental music that still retains the pop-leaning psychedelic charm of The Poms. 

The single, "If I Hear Music" settles into a propulsive groove with wispy and swirling melodies meant for a long drive alone.  Another standout track, the atmospheric "Selflessness" envelopes you in hazy layers of vocals with a jumpy bass line.  The eight and a half minute track "Walk Around The Lake" features tender vocals contrasting with a fuzzed-out bass riff and an intriguing meditative doo-wop passage to end the song.  The EP closes with a dream-pop take on the Everly Brothers' classic hit "All I Have To Do Is Dream", with guest vocals from fellow Cincinnati-based musician Ben Burroughs.    

Download the Back To Bassics EP here:

And look for cassettes copies at the merch table at the upcoming Pomegranates shows!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Craig Finn - "Honolulu Blues" (The Hold Steady frontman steps out with his first solo album Clear Heart Full Eyes, out now on Vagrant.  The songs are more acoustic based, rootsy and even bluesier than the Hold Steady but of course, still retain Craig's distinct vocals and knack for engaging storytelling, taking his sound from the bar to the coffee shop.)

Download: 24

2.  Nada Surf - "When I Was Young" (For their seventh album, The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy out now on Barsuk Records, the band injects their sound with the youthful live energy that made them so "popular" in the first place to great results.)


3.  The Holiday Crowd - "Never Speak Of It Again" (Canadian new-romantic indie-pop four-piece create a bare bones Smiths-like, emotional rock experience with wispy, jangly guitars and melancholic melodies for miles on their new EP Over The Bluffs, out now on Shelflife Records.)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Matt Pryor - May Day"

After reuniting and releasing a new album last year with the Get Up Kids, frontman Matt Pryor found time to write and record a new solo album of emotional folk rock, May Day. Out today and self-released on his own Nightshoes Syndicate Records, his sophomore solo album was recorded last May (hence the title) and was funded in part by his fans through a Kickstarter campaign.

“Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down” opens the twelve-track album with Pryor’s unique voice and a ramshackle acoustic guitar to set the tone. “The Lies Are Keeping Me Here” follows with a pounding rhythm, harmonica and a catchy chorus. “Where Do We Go From Here” stands out with a bouncy, whistle-inducing piano melody and a shuffling beat. The bittersweet “Like A Professional” slows down the pace and features Pryor’s distinct storytelling. The earnest and emotional “As If I Could Fall In Love With You Again” is propelled by driving, foot-tapping strumming and more train-yard harmonica for another standout moment. “Polish The Broken Glass” gives more of a full band feel with a jaunty mandolin figures and a more pronounced beat along with an infectious sing along chorus. “Unhappy Is The Only Happy That You’ll Ever Be” features a strummed banjo and gently picked acoustic guitars and Matt’s way of making a sad song happy. First single, “Your New Favorite” just might be your new favorite with close-knit harmonies and a roots rock sound. The piano-led “You Won’t Get Any Blood From Me” and its heartfelt harmonies will remind you of an acoustic take on classic Get Up Kids. And the album closes with the cyclical guitars and somber melodies of “I Was A Witness” and the weary-eyed and wistful closer “What My Tired Eyes Would View”.

May Day showcases a refreshed Pryor’s catchiest and most evocative songwriting in years.

Before he begins his headlining dates, you can catch him on the Where’s The Band Tour with Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Chris Conley of Saves The Day and Ace Enders of The Early November and Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It.

Download "Your New Favorite" here:

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Friday: Equals - "Equals" EP

The San Mateo, TX-based instrumental post-rock band Equals released their debut self-titled EP late last summer as a free download on their Bandcamp page.  The EP was co-produced and mixed by Alex Bhore of fellow experimental instrumental band This Will Destroy You.  With crazy time signatures, fuzzed out and feedback drenched guitars and dark, atmospheric synths and samples, the 5-piece band puts a new spin on the cinematic, experimental genre, sounding like Interpol covering Explosions In The Sky. 

The jazzy undertones and organic-meets-electronic polarity of "Salvo" stands out, as does the 7/8 time signature of the moody and ambient "Table Monster". 

Download the Equals EP here:

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Guided By Voices - "The Unsinkable Fats Domino" (Last year, after a fifteen year hiatus, the original GBV lineup reunited for a successful tour, then decided to record a new album.  Let's Go Eat The Factory is out now and the 21-track album, recorded mostly in garages and basements, delivers that classic scruffy, power-pop sound that fans have been salivating for since Alien Lanes and Bee Thousand.)


2.  Old Monk - "Butter & Toast" (The first single is a messy, energetic slice of garage-pop with a noodling, Isaac Brock-like guitar intro that sets the tone for the Brooklyn-based 3-piece's infectious debut album Birds Of Belize out now on Eenie Meenie Records.)


3.  Museum Mouth - "Blood Mountain" (Sounding like a more youthful and restless Guided By Voices, the chugging, lo-fi single from the North Carolina noise-pop trio's sophomore album Sexy But Not Happy is due to be self-released on 01/24.  For fans of No Age and Times New Viking.)  


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 Songs: On Repeat

1.  Dream Brother - "Haunted Heart (ft. Paul Sprangers)" (Dream Brother is the infectious new indie-pop project from Ian Anderson of the Minneapolis band One For The Team.  His new digital 7" was released as a free download on the AR site and features guest spots from Paul Sprangers, vocalist of Free Energy as well as John Vanderslice.  Look for more music soon!)


2.  Signals Midwest - "Limnology" (Yes!  Cleveland's Signals Midwest create a forceful and smart emo-tinged punk rock that reminds me of everything I used to love from Braid, Hot Water Music and Brandtson on their sophomore album Latitudes And Longitudes out now on Tiny Engines Records.)


3.  The Proctors - "All The Books" (After a 15-year hiatus, the influential UK dream-pop band released a new 7" on Shelflife Records in December with an eye towards a new full-length album to be released this year.  A haze of keys, jangly guitars and beautiful male/female vocals wrap you in an embrace you will not want to break loose from anytime soon.)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lila Rose - "Heart Machine"

Canadian born and San Fransisco-based electro-pop siren Lila Rose is set to release her highly anticipated debut album Heart Machine, today on Oakland's RTFM Records.   Lila Rose delivers on the promise by pushing the boundaries of the indie-pop/electronica genre, to incorporate everything from trip-hop beats, acoustic guitars and Gospel choirs, to sugary pop hooks and strong vocals along with introspective lyrics.  The album was co-produced by Lila herself and with SF-based producer David Earl (aka LogicNinja). 

The album opens with the sinister and haunting production of the catchy first single, "Obsession".  The sparse arrangement and big beat of the title track, "Heart Machine" allows the focus to shine on Lila's vocals which sound like a cross between a Bjork that you can actually understand and Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine.  The standout track also features a guest spot from singer/songwriter/producer LYNX who also co-wrote the lyrics to the song.  Another standout, the aptly titled "Like Champagne", opens with a popping and effervescent hip-hop inspired club-ready beat, reminiscent of M.I.A. or Santigold.  "Casting Shadows" features warped synths and a disorienting beat with swirling violins that add to the psychedelic harmonies provided by guest vocalist Eric Denniston of LA-based band Danger Lips.  The glitchy beat, robotic vocal tics and eerie synths of "Lost Your Senses" provide another standout moment.  "Unbroken" is a darker-tinged and atmospheric ballad highlighted by touches of operatic vocal acrobatics that showcases a more evocative and heartfelt side of Rose's stellar songwriting.  The beautiful "Give You My All" follows with a sentimental and more straight-forward piano-led ballad, featuring swelling orchestration and vocals with raw emotion that could easily be a radio hit if given the chance.  "Get Gone Again" begins with suspenseful, striking piano chords and builds into a poppy breakup anthem.  "Bang Bang" is a trip-hop track with interesting vocal harmonies and a super catchy chorus.  Mirroring the evocative album art, with honest and heartfelt lyrics, Lila Rose exposes her heart on the standout track "In The Dimmest".  And the poppy and fun "Couldn't Have" picks up the pace again with a bouncy rhythm and hand-claps.  The twelve track album closes out with the languid melodies and pulsating and clanking tribal-like beat of "And The Beat". 

Lila Rose proves with her stellar debut, Heart Machine that she is an unstoppable force in the indie-pop and electronica scene, ready to break out of the club and onto the radio. 

Order and stream the album Heart Machine here:

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