Friday, October 28, 2011

Free Friday: And The Giraffe - "Something For Someone"

And The Giraffe are an ambient dream-folk duo and they have recently self-released their self-produced debut EP Something For Someone for everyone as a free download on their Bandcamp page.  Gainsville, FL-based multi-instrumentalists Nick Roberts and Josh Morris trade vocal duties on every other song and create a wispy, hushed brand of folk with ethereal arrangements and interesting lyrics.

"Underground Love" opens the album with a Modest Mouse-like cascading and echoing guitar riff, a marching band beat and a soft saxophone solo.  A syrup-slow pace on the atmospheric standout "1055" brings to mind mid-90's "slowcore".  Another standout, "Magic 8" fills every space with emotional ambience.  The slow-waltzing "Masquerade" features layers of stummed acoustic guitars and ringing electric guitar that rise and crash to end the song with the loudest moment on the EP.  And the cinematic and melodic "Still" closes out the excellent 6-song EP.  They make music for blustery days and lonely nights.

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