Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Repeat: 4 Songs

1.  Dum Dum Girls - "Coming Down" (The reverb-rich track sways like Mazzy Star, and is taken from their stellar second album, Only In Dreams out now on Sub Pop.  The new album is more polished and a step forward with a full-band approach that really showcases Dee Dee's deft songwriting that was always hiding under all the lo-fi haze.)


2.  Craig Wedren - "Cupid" (Noisy and angular guitars with an off-kilter rhythm mix with his trademark croon on this stand out track from the Shudder To Think frontman's new solo album Wand, released this week on Nerveland Recordings.  After focusing on movie soundtracks, it is great to hear Craig rock out again!)


3.  Dominant Legs - "Where We Trip The Light" (Ryan William Lynch, the former Girls guitarist has returned with a full band and their debut album, Invitation, is out now on Lefse Records.  Poly-rhythms and 80's synths abound, sounding like a love lorn, long lost Talking Heads album!)


4.  Telekinesis - "Car Crash" (The anthemic, power-poppy first single from Michael Benjamin Lerner's highly anticipated sophomore album 12 Desperate Straight Lines was released earlier this year on Merge Records.  You can catch the band on tour with album producer Chris Walla's like-minded band Death Cab For Cutie now!)



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